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  1. Thanks for the information! Good luck to you as well!!
  2. Hi! I'm waitlisted in the 1st tier as well.. I had no idea that the top tier is dividing into thirds too. They might as well just give us numbered ranks! I'm wondering when they will start notifying other people. I was expecting to at least have another update email by now... but nothing so far. Do you know how long the first people accepted off the waitlist have to notify them of their decision?
  3. I took a psyc stats, mostly because I had to for my psyc major, and I've never been told that it wasn't acceptable. However, it might depend on the program, so it would be good to check first.
  4. Hey!! It is me! I hope the open house was good!
  5. @j_rae that's so funny!! I'm in 314 and 455! At USU, I had to take tests with a proctor that I had to find online (I ended up taking them with a proctor at a local university library). Both my classes at Longwood don't require that. They just do the honor code thing and trust that no one cheats.
  6. I am in two of their online courses right now! Last semester, I took two through Utah State and in those both instructors would post videos of the lectures and their voice talking through them. Both classes I am in now just post the lecture slides. That's probably the biggest difference I've noticed. It is a little bit harder just having to go through the lecture slides without any voice-over or notes from the professor. However, overall I've enjoyed my classes! The only thing is that in one of my classes the professor is pretty unresponsive (slow getting back to emails) and has not done a really great job explaining assignments and how the course works (in my opinion). The other professor is great though!
  7. So I just got invited to interview with EWU on Monday (March 30th). I'm definitely really excited and feel like this is a good sign, but.. doesn't this seem really late?! I was hoping to hear back from all schools by then so I can make a final decision! Is anyone else in this situation? Hopefully they won't take too long to notify those who interview.
  8. To those who have been accepted, have you gotten any more information about the program? I am still waiting to hear from 3 schools before making a decision but I'd like to already be prepared to make that decision.. Unfortunately I live to far away to visit before April 15th... From what I can see, their website doesn't have a whole lot of information about clinical opportunities and such, other than their on-campus clinic. Also, it looks like the NAU full-time program is a full 2 years (6 semesters), including two summers. A lot of the other schools I've applied to are only 5 semesters, without that last summer. I also can't seem to find any information on if a thesis is required? Does anyone have any information on any of this? I think it would be great to talk to a current grad student but I'm not really sure how to go about that. Do I just email someone from the department and see if they can get me in touch with a student?
  9. I definitely agree with moosemoose about Magoosh! And doing post-bacc definitely would depend on what pre-requisite courses you have already taken. There were about 4 classes that my undergrad didn't offer but that I saw a lot of schools either required or preferred you to have before starting grad school so I took those online.
  10. I haven't gotten an email or anything, but decided to check MyASU to see if it said anything. Under My Application and Application Status, it says "We regret we were unable to admit you." That's it... Seems a little harsh haha
  11. I did fill out their graduate school application after I found out I was on their waitlist. I plan to do fill it out soon for this year too. Last year, I got waitlisted at PSU and one other school and rejected from all the other ones, so I was definitely staying on any waitlist I was on even if I was in the third tier. The other school I was waitlisted at (George Washington) left me on the waitlist pretty much until classes started for their graduate students. PSU let me know at some point that they had their cohorts and that the waitlist was over (basically went from waitlist to rejection). I can't remember when exactly that was, but I want to say it was maybe May or June? Hey! I retook the GRE and took some online post-bacc prerequisite classes that my undergrad did not offer (and got 4.0 in the two I took last semester). I also needed to be making money and tried to find something where I would be working with people so that it would be somewhat relevant to the field, so I've been nannying everyday after school for a family. I also go to an elementary school once a week and shadow an SLP part of the time and volunteer in an autism support class the other part of the time I'm there. I also tried to get recommendations from professors who I thought would be better. The first year I applied, I think one of them was probably just so-so. I also really focused on my personal statements and really tried to show my passion and determination. I also applied to a lot more schools this time around (I went from 5 last year, to 10 this year). I know it's expensive and it's not a fun process, but I did a lot more research on schools and tried to apply to mostly schools I thought my stats matched up with and some that have higher acceptance rates based on how many people apply. One thing that I thought my application is lacking is no research experience, and I was worried that I should have done that this year. So, I would maybe look into a local college and see if you can be involved in any related research if you have not done that before. I know it can be hard to tell what these committees want out of applicants and it is definitely discouraging to not be accepted anywhere but just try to really think about what parts of your application might need improvement and then work on improving them this next year! Apply to your dream school again but also apply to schools where you might have a better chance. I personally know a few other people who, like me, did not get in to schools last year, but I'm the only one of them who is reapplying this year. I really encourage you to not give up!! Sorry this was super long, but I hope it was helpful! Feel free to message me separately if you want!
  12. I don't know for sure but I would guess that they probably don't count as much. However, I think they were just saying that any C's in ASHA prereqs or COMD prereqs don't look good to graduate schools.
  13. It turns out I don't have to wait until next week to hear from Portland State. I just got notified that I am on the waitlist. PSU divides their list into 3 and tells you which 3rd of the waitlist you are in. Last year when I applied, I was in the 3rd tier but this year I am in the 1st! I'm so sorry to hear about the rejections- keep your heads up! I hope the best for you all! Last year I did not get in anywhere, and this year I have 2 acceptances and 3 waitlists, and I have actually had a great year "off" building my resume. I really hope you all get in somewhere this year, but if you don't, just stay determined and you WILL get in!
  14. There are now some PSU rejections on the admissions results page, but I still haven't heard anything! Maybe I'm waitlisted? This is driving me crazy! I'm now hoping this weekend will go by fast so I can start hearing back from these places.
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