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  1. Mhny1224, not sure how they go abut sending out acceptances, just that the website says that they do it by March 31. So there could still be time! GraceSLP, from what I can tell, NAU's out of state tuition for the whole program is just short of 50k :/ including summers. I'm hoping I overestimated though.
  2. Yes, it would definitely be helpful to talk to some current grad students at NAU! I'm concerned about the out of state tuition as well... it's going to be a tough decision. It is good to hear that Flagstaff is a great place though!
  3. Hi everyone, Anyone else out there considering attending NAU's full-time regular track for SLP? I was wondering if anyone has any insight they can share about the program. I'm an out of state applicant and don't know too much about NAU/Flagstaff. Thanks
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