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  1. I just realized you might have meant that you sent them, but they're not showing up on CSDCAS's end. If that's the case and it's been a few weeks, I'd say give them a call to check. They were always super friendly on the phone.
  2. I sent transcripts from four different universities and they all made it on time BUT my CSDCAS application actually got sent back before being verified because I had forgotten one class I'd taken in high school that gave me college credit. So I had to have that transcript rush-ordered to CSDCAS to get everything in on time. My advice would to just start the process of having your transcripts sent to CSDCAS as early as possible so you don't have to worry about it. For a minute I thought my application would not be verified on time, but it all worked out. I would say just do it now to get it over with if you can good luck!!
  3. Hi there! If you're still looking for a class, Portland State is offering Aural Rehab online this summer. I'm in it now with the same professor who will be teaching it (Dr. Nelson) and she is fantastic. Let me know if you have any questions!
  4. Has anyone found a school that offers an affordable online neurology class this summer? I can no longer take it at the school where I'm completing my post-bacc and I'm in a panic trying to find a class that will work. I saw that ENMU offers it, but the class is already full. Thank you for any suggestions!
  5. If you find one, I'm interested in joining as well!
  6. Has anyone heard anything about Portland State's wait list? I'm dying to know!
  7. Hi! I was also accepted at Chapman and would love to hear more about it! I can't make it to the open house, but if either of you go and don't mind sharing your thoughts, that would be amazing!
  8. Hi there, I've seen some info about these two schools elsewhere, but am trying to decide between them so I'm looking for any extra info! Sadly I won't be able to attend the open house at Chapman because I live out of state right now. I will likely end up moving in with my mom or dad (in Riverside/Redlands) to save money, so the commute to University of Redlands would be much easier, but I am very interested in Chapman as well. Anyone who is attending or or considering attending one or the other, what made up your mind? I feel that they both offer what I need from a program so I'm a bit torn. Thank you!
  9. I feel ya! I'm on the wait list for my least expensive option and keep digging to find out more information, but no one will budge and tell me haha.
  10. I don't think they did actually. I work with two of them and neither have said anything to me about being contacted. I'll check with them today though and let you know.
  11. I was accepted to WKU and received an email today stating that I need to accept or deny within a week, so the wait list should move pretty fast, just FYI! This is for the distance program, so I'm not sure it it applies to on-campus as well.
  12. When I interviewed, I believe they said it would be mid-March, but I saw that poster who mentioned April too.
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