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  1. Ahhh you're amazing! Thank you so much for the information! Definitely helped a lot! Where did you go? I'm trying for France.
  2. Hello all, As the title suggests, I'm not entirely sure how this NSF GROW funding works. The only part I'm 100% certain about is that NSF gives us a one time allowance of $5000. Here's where my questions arise: 1) It says the host institution pays some allowance too. How has this worked for anyone who has done GROW? Is it by the international NSF-like counterpart? 2) Do your abroad mentors end up paying for your analytical costs? I know I want to look at Ca isotopes and that's about $300/sample 3) I would stay on tenure. Do I still get my ~2700/month? Thank you
  3. Well, you can find a lot of general dos and don'ts all over gradcafe. Relating to earth sciences, I have always been told to not be very specific with what research you want to do. Obviously don't say something vague like "I want to study rocks", but don't be as specific as saying something like "I want to study the bedrock of the Quabbin Reservoir to determine the influence of aluminosilicates on chemical weathering over the last 100 years". I totally made that up, but I hope you get the idea. As with any job application, you want to emphasize how good of a fit you are and how you plan
  4. Definitely try! If you think it's a good fit after doing all that research, then definitely go for it. Your sats look good, so just focus on writing great SOPs tailored for each school. Good luck!
  5. Any other Ohioans here??! :D

  6. Maybe you just didn't want to talk about it a lot, but I really think you should have a much better idea of what you want to do other than "something related to the environment in anyway". There's so much research going on in earth and environmental science that even narrowing down to water issues would be good. Do these school focus on research you're interested in? If you really have no idea, it's not too late to do some internships are work in a lab for a year. Best of luck though!
  7. I sent it in late April/early May. Ohio state does require a GRE and uses it as a cut off like most schools since they get a lot of competitive applications. Not sure where you heard that they don't require it :\. I don't know of many schools that don't require the GRE to be honest.
  8. It was your first try! It's okay to not have an ideal score. Just think about what parts of the test you struggled with. Was it the passages, the vocab, certain math problems, or even the time of day you took the test, what you ate, pacing yourself, etc. I also worked a lot when I took the exam ~50 hours a week. I took the two days before my exam off to catch up on sleep and do a one day review of material. I wouldn't give up on applying to the schools that you want, but as others have said, apply to a range of good programs, not just top schools. I hope this helped and I look forward to yo
  9. Starting a MSc in Earth Science! How is summer time Columbus?
  10. I got home from my (night shift) job and was skyping the bf about all the fun stuff we were gonna do when he came to visit the next day. He fell asleep on me, so I checked my app status just 'cause and there it was!!! Best way to start our weekend together and celebrate Americaaaaa!!
  11. I'm in this boat right now too! I'm still waiting to hear back on funding and I'm terrified that they're gonna tell me early August and potentially expect me to pick up and move my whole life in a week's time. Hope we all hear back soon!
  12. Still waiting on final word from grad school!

    1. shinigamiasuka


      They're taking so long? :o

    2. ssynny


      yeah! I was recommended for admission a while ago, so if they expect me to start in the fall, I hope they get back to me soon!

  13. This is the bag that I just bought: http://www.timbuk2.com/d-lux-laptop-messenger-bondage-bag-sleeve/157.html I picked a messenger bag because they look nice, and are very easy to bike with (give more over the shoulder visibility than backpack). I spent days upon days looking for a bag and ultimately decided on this one. It has a decent amount of pockets for organization, a place to store your phone/wallet without opening the bag, has a well padded laptop compartment in case the bag falls hard, its weatherproof, and it has a zipper on the back to quickly access the laptop and rest of the
  14. Same! I keep thinking that I found the perfect place, and the reviews are 1.5 or 2 out of 5.... I know people really only post reviews when they've had an extreme experience, but the stuff they're saying is concerning (bugs, thin walls, etc.). Any specific recommendations for apartments in the places the previous poster listed above?
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