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  1. Spending most of the stipend on housing?

    has no one else mentioned looking outside of craigslist? I read through everything and didn't see it. When finding my apartment (and i was looking from several states away so I couldnt visit anywhere), I googled "apartment complexes in City, State" and then narrowed down my list by cost, floor plans, utilities provided, and how close it was to campus. I asked my future advisor to put me in contact with current students to see if they had suggestions on what the better places to live were or if they knew of anything lower cost. Also, is nice because you fill in what things you want and it lists all apartments that have those things. (For anyone still looking for apartments i would definitely recommend apartment list, its the only website I found that factors in commute time different ways (bus, bike, car, etc.) and you can select amenities you do/dont care about. ) My stipend is pretty small as well (although my assistantship covers health insurance so that helps), and even with finding the lowest cost apartment in the area that wouldn't put me in an unsafe neighborhood, it will be about 2/3 of my monthly stipend before utilities. However, I don't have a car (I bike everywhere) and will have low costs otherwise. I hope its not too late, but maybe some of my suggestions for finding a cheaper place will help ?
  2. How extensive are TA/GA/RA background checks?

    Turns out it is HireRight...I am really hoping it is the same experience you had. I would be devastated if I lost this assistantship because of this horrible company. Additionally, I already rejected all my other offers so if something does go wrong I have no other options.
  3. So I posted this a bit ago: I thought I would give an update for how things worked out! I 100% recommend emailing your future professor/advisor and asking them to put you in contact with some grad students. I did this, even though I didn't want to because I felt uncomfortable asking people I don't know to help me find apartments. However, one of the students I spoke to lived in the complex I was looking at previously and could tell me about it in great detail. Another student who is graduating told me about her apartment that will be available in Fall which is way cheaper and better quality than anything I was finding, and I never would have learned about this place if I had not reached out. If you don't do this, you will probably miss out on some great places. How is everyone else's apartment hunt going?
  4. Thank you for your advice! I bit the bullet and asked my future advisor to connect me with some grad students. Also, for the town I am going to it actually is time to start finding an apartment because basically the only thing in this town other than farms is the college, so all the leases end in july/august, and people are notifying now that they are moving out. So I am getting on wait list's because it is super competitive, although I have already been accepted to once place. What kind of shipping containers did you use? They ship them to your new place?
  5. oh wow thats crazy! I don't think that will happen, seeing as the town I am in is literally entirely green for crime rate--meaning there is basically none. I looked around to see the good and bad area's of town when I went for my interview, but since I wasn't sure I was going there yet I didn't look at any apartments since doing that at every interview would be an nightmare. I may see if anyone is subleasing for a semester or something though. I am trying to do this as well, but I have been unable to find any Facebook pages for this school. Thats a great idea! How would you suggest making friends with current students who you have not met yet that live several states away? I don't want to come across as overbearing or whatnot. Additionally, I have no idea how to find these people, especially because my profession (counseling) keeps identifying info very private on Facebook so clients can't find out things about us.
  6. My university only allows that if you are married, and you have to provide a marriage certificate unfortunately :/ I looked into it already
  7. thanks! I probably should have mentioned that my boyfriend will be moving out with me, but unfortunately not until December (he has an extra semester of undergrad). Because of this, I am trying to get a place by myself so that he can move in, and it can't be university housing since its a one year contract and he wouldn't be able to live there since he isn't a student. I'll see if I can find any complexes though, seems like my best bet.
  8. I officially accepted my offer and am super excited! However, I have never moved apartments this far away without being able to look at the apartment in person or meet rental agencies or landlords. I am worried I will not be able to find a place online because they will want to meet me in person, or that if i do the apartment will be shitty. I really can't afford to stay in a hotel for the first bit while I find a place, and I do not have a car so getting to campus would be hard since no reasonably priced hotels are near campus in the town I am moving to. What are your suggestions? How are you all going about finding a place? I have contacted a few places already but they all said they are looking to fill their open apartments now and to check back closer to the time I will be moving.
  9. April 15 resolution

    it means you have until the 15th to accept their financial offer, but once you accept it is a contract and you have to have their permission to leave it. if possible, wait until you hear from your waitlisted school and respond to the other offer closer to the 15th
  10. School Facebook Groups 2017

  11. So I have a fully funding assistantship, so once I am there I should be okay. Im struggling with how to afford actually moving several states away and paying rent for the first bit before the assistantship stipend comes through. I did have a good amount of savings, but I had to stop working this year because I had an unpaid internship that took up all my time (it was worth it because it made me stand out as an applicant), and then didn't want to start work again until I was done with all my interviews. I had to spend a good chunk on interviews as well. I am in the process of trying to find a job, but either way its going to be really tight. How have you all afforded to move, or how are you planning to?
  12. How extensive are TA/GA/RA background checks?

    hmm okay. I've already sign the contract or official acceptance, and they said they would email me about a background check sometime in July. They didnt mention Hire Right though so I'm really hoping its not that, and just a normal background check.
  13. How extensive are TA/GA/RA background checks?

    Thank you! Do you mind sharing which school used Hire Right? Did you have any problems with it?
  14. Kellogg School Of Management - Northwestern University Organizational Behavior, PhD (F17) Rejected via E-mail on 12 Mar 2017 I 12 Mar 2017 report spam YAYYYY rejections.. I am tempted to frame all my rejection letters at this point..enough to make a nice art gallery
  15. I have of course emailed the graduate department of my school about this. However, it is Saturday night and I have to wait at least a whole day for a response so I thought I would post here since I am impatient haha. I was wondering about everyone here's experience. My official offer said I cannot take any other financial aid, scholarships, or employment without the approval of the graduate school dean. I am concerned since my program requires a summer quarter without an assistantship, and of course no loans available for summer. I am hoping to take some loans out for the general school year and use them for the summer tuition, which I will desperately need since I am out of state. I know this is all speculation, but for anyone in a similar situation, have you been able to take out a loan? Was it easy to get the approval of the dean?