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  1. "I have no f***ing idea why they rejected me. Top school in India, 4.0 GPA, 2 internships in USA and Germany, 2 years of UG research, 3 very strong recommendations, ToEFL 119. This was my safety school." lol maybe it was your attitude
  2. Ugh, I applied for pchem and I know a bunch of pchem people have posted results already. Honestly, I'd rather receive a rejection than radio silence.
  3. All of chemistry. I called Alison Ross (she's the grad program coordinator I think) and I kind of had to coax it out of her, she was kind of unhelpful at first.
  4. I got the call on January 19. Their visit weekend is 2/23-2/25, and the deadline to RSVP is 2/14 so they might do another wave. BTW, I applied for physical chem.
  5. I called the admissions office at Georgia Tech today and the admissions officer told me that admissions are sent on a rolling basis via email throughout January and February. She did seem to think that more admissions were forthcoming. Piggybacking off of that, in case anyone else is waiting for Caltech...I also called them today and they told me that most admissions offers have been sent out. She did say that a few more offers would go out, but that the majority of offers had been extended already.
  6. I called Davis yesterday and the admissions officer told me that he was expecting the committee to give him the last round of decisions today - so hopefully decisions will be released either today or early next week. He also said that they're going to release all decisions and not just going to ghost people who were denied until the end of March.
  7. Based on past years, it looks like Georgia Tech releases a bunch of decisions in late Jan/early Feb - so there's still time!
  8. I rejected an offer yesterday.
  9. First acceptance - was waiting in line in my office building's café while my friend bought a bagel at like 2 pm. Second & third acceptances - sitting at work actually doing work. Fourth acceptance - sitting at my desk at work, scrolling through reddit. At first I was peeved that some annoying phone call was disturbing my time wasting, but when I realized that it was one of my top choice programs, I was so happy. Called my parents & texted my friends after all four. Seriously, getting in to grad school has made my crappy job SO MUCH better - especially now that I have an end date in sight!
  10. I don't think it's bad to call departments to see if they're still sending out offers. Another thing to do is to look at the results page of grad cafe from previous years and see when your schools have sent out acceptances in the past. A lot of schools seem to send out acceptances in the first few weeks of February.
  11. I did my undergrad at UMD! I mostly studied on campus in academic buildings, so I'm afraid I'm not super helpful in that aspect. However, I know that Vigilante Coffee is a solid study spot. Not technically in College Park, but Hyattsville is right up the road. The Starbucks in College Park is also a popular study spot. As far as food, if you like pho, Pho Thom is bomb and tbh I still make the schlep from DC to CP for their pho. Board and Brew is a fun board game cafe, that's always a good time if you're into that. Milkboy Arthouse is a great happy hour/low key evening spot, there are fewer freshmen there than some of the other bars and they also have some shows and stuff. Blaze Pizza, Bagel Place, Bobby's Burger Palace, Jason's Deli, and Aroy Thai are all popular places to eat and they're all pretty cheap and decent. Hope this helps!
  12. nope, UMD med school (also law, dental, pharm, and nursing) is up in Baltimore. College Park is right outside of DC.
  13. Initially I was considering going to as many as possible to milk this stupid process for all it's worth, but that seems like more stress lol. I applied to eight schools, four of which I am more into than the others. So I've decided that any of those four schools that give me offers (I've heard back from two of them already ), I will go visit. I just decided that if I'm only meh about a school, I don't see the point in going to visit when I have offers that I'm more excited about.
  14. So excited that I've gotten into three programs already, two of which I'm suuuuuper excited about! And yet, I'm still refreshing my email constantly and I jump every time my phone rings. I got a call from my dad today and I nearly had a heart attack because I thought it was a school calling me. The worst part is having no clue when you're going to get your decision. I seem to remember that when I was applying to undergrad, the school told us exactly which day they would release decisions. This is just a stressful nightmare.
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