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  1. I have imagined some IT guy laughing his ass off at how much I log onto the app sites.
  2. I just got my first rejection on a Saturday morning, a day I thought I was safe.
  3. I know that this is probably highly dependent on university and department, but in you all's experiences, do interviews go out all in the same day, same week, or do some places trickle them out over time?
  4. You are absolutely right. A few days out I've processed it a bit and realize that if I'm lucky enough to score another interview, I'll be more prepared to articulate my research in a much more coherent way. I am out of "likes" but thank you for the assurance that there is hope.
  5. Thank you. This makes all the sense in the world. I've read lots of your posts and I appreciate your feedback.
  6. First off, thank you for responding. After talking to my husband about it, I think their feedback was, for the most part, to get me to think. Two of the three members were actually actively attempting to make connections between my research ideas and said that there are more similarities than one would think at first and that I'm trying to answer very complicated questions, but my methodologies are disparate. l am hoping they can see my potential. Grad school is supposed to mold you, right? I'm hoping that they see I just need molding.
  7. Hi GFCers, I just had an interview with my top school (YAY!), but I thing I bombed (boooo!!!). Everything was going so well. I had answers for all their questions. My language was fluid and I even managed to make a connection to one of the interviewers via research interests. Then, I was asked to describe some research ideas. It was clear that my first idea DID NOT fit what the program does. The second idea, was EXACTLY the kind of thing the dept. does, but was so disparate from the first idea (and they told me as much). Then questions about HOW do I see myself fitting in despite the dis
  8. I didn't apply but it looks like decisions went out in the first week of February last year. Maybe some news by Friday?!
  9. I will eat all the carbs. I'm talking a pizza from my local pizza joint, a cake, a few donuts and many, many last word cocktails.
  10. The Ivies causing heartbreak for those who wanna study AfAm Studies...
  11. Good luck! Where did you apply? What do you study? Hopefully some news starts rolling in soon.
  12. Yay! Finally, a fellow applicant. I wish you luck. I should work on my elevator pitch too, but I study sexuality and the black body and media effects. I look at things such as the intersection of racism and fetishism, colorism, the diminishing number of black women in traditionally black spaces (eg rap videos) and other stuff in media and popular culture. I'm not too obsessed yet but come February, I'll be sweating it out.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I'm hoping I'm the only one applying and I get all the admits. Lol. I've read all the previous years forums. Hopefully in the new year some people will find the thread.
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