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  1. Nice! I'm debating whether I should take QM....I was able to opt out of all of them but I think I will miss out on an opportunity to get to know classmates / professors in a more relaxed setting but I'm not sure if I can justify the cost / time commitment.
  2. Hey there! Are you doing QM and Math for the prep program? I did attend the admitted student day. I was with the MPP group. Thanks for filling us in about the PhD program -- its something I was considering for later down the road. If you don't mind me asking, what part of SD did you relocate to?
  3. Hey all! I'll be attending GPS in the fall and I'm excited for classes to start. So far, I have not heard anything from the school if I should be doing anything as classes start. (I know there's a calendar that they posted in their website but it's pretty vague). Is anyone actively doing anything to prepare? I know the class schedule for the fall was released. Have you all set up your triton accounts? Do you plan to attend the summer prep?
  4. I'm weighing Goldman and UCSD right now -- and something that gives me some pause about GPS is that such a high share of graduates go into private industry. This doesn't seem to be the case across other MPP programs -- does anyone here have any idea why this may be the case?
  5. Starting a thread for UCSD since I haven't seen one for this year. Is anyone considering attending? I'm waiting to hear back on funding but I'm excited about this program.
  6. Just got my admittance today too. No mention of funding though....
  7. Got in with funding! But the e-mail is somewhat confusing in the way its worded...I was awarded a 2-year departmental fellowship but only the first year's tuition is covered?
  8. Same here - got a packet yesterday.
  9. I got my acceptance letter yesterday! Does anyone know where we can see any financial aid decisions?
  10. Thanks mapiau for your response! It seems that you're not a UCSD alumni yet, but from what you've observed, do students there get good placements in key cities (like DC, NYC or SF)?
  11. I'm currently looking at about 5 different grad schools for an MPP. I keep hearing (and reading here) that I should strongly consider what the career services for each school offer. For a professional degree like the MPP, it will be very helpful to have a strong career office at the school (and alumni group) that help place students in related careers. The thing is - how do I do that? What is the best way to compare or evaluate a school's career services offices? (Do I trust the school and call the admissions office? Or ask current students) If any of you have any experience doing this,
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