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  1. Requiring so many!

    There are paid third-party dossier services like Interfolio that some institutions actually require. It's really convenient for professors to upload the LORs just once, and you can send them to target schools yourself. It's free to sign on but there is a single cost for one year (not expensive) if you want to send documents to different places.
  2. @skhann we definitely had different experiences. I wasn't expecting to do well on the quant. sections since math is not my strong suit and was expecting to score no more than 20 percent. But after struggling with the first section, I took a devil may care attitude with the second section, and ended up with a total score slightly above the mean. The point is that I was able to give my eyes some rest, unlike the verbal sections. Anyway, I wanted to post here that I had three verbal sections even though I indicated that I was applying to history programs at the beginning of the test. So the small sample size on this thread is no indication of what ETS is actually doing. p.s. I'll pm you.
  3. I got three verbal sections and I applied to history programs. Like @cabbysaurus, the additional verbal section really made me tired from staring at the computer screen. After the AWA sections my test started with the first quant. section, then the first verbal and after the break, the second verbal, followed by the second quant. and finally with the third verbal. I found the second and third verbal sections difficult after completing the first, which I found fairly easy. I ended up scoring fairly well on the verbal, but could have done even better if I didn't have eye fatigue with the second and third verbal sections. My ETS diagnostics confirmed my suspicions as I had three wrong answers for the first verbal and eleven wrong on the second. I don't know whether the second or third was the experimental section, but because of fatigue, I lost concentration and was guessing by the 14th or so question on either section.
  4. Visiting School- What to Wear?

    Are you flying to Boston or Hartford? I assume someone from UConn is picking you up since Storrs is hard to get to without a car. Since it's an open house and not a formal interview I wouldn't worry about your dress code, so dress comfy and warm. New England has traditionally been cold and often covered with some white stuff during late January and early February, so pack accordingly (but with climate change who knows?). Even if it reaches into the balmy 50s during the day, the temperature could drop ten or more degrees by evening. Layering is best for this contingency--with the final layer before your outer coat a zippered sweater or fleece for easy removal if you're outside. Most of all, have fun getting to know your fellow grad students.
  5. 2018 Blooper Real*

    Great website. I love manatees. For some strange reason, watching sloths also calms me down.
  6. Fall 2018 Applicants

    That is certainly true. At the CUNY Grad Center, every field will fight for their own candidates. After all, each cohort can't all be Americanists or Europeanists or some other field. I would also add that the CUNY admin committee includes a few current doctoral students. I'm wondering if this is a rarity or more common than I know?
  7. Fall 2018 Applicants

    @anon1234567 thanks very much for explaining the application review process at the Ivies. You specifically stated CHP, but does the procedure also apply to Yale, Penn, Cornell and Brown?
  8. The Positivity Thread

    Yeah, all LPs recorded in the 1960s and 1970s were uncompressed before the digital revolution. This means dynamics were far greater producing more impact. What your grandparents had and you inherited is known as a stereo and TV console. I would suggest you check the needle on the turntable. It probably needs replacement.
  9. The Positivity Thread

    I guess you like the faux-vintage look. When you're accepted into a program and have a few extra bucks from your stipend, consider buying one of these: It's the cheapest real turntable on the market. Basic, utilitarian TT with a simple elegant design. Quality parts and performance based on time honored physics principles will make your LPs and your ears happy. The Orbit will preserve your record collection longer because it is set up to correctly track LPs using a quality phonograph cartridge. If you have one of the Crosley TTs with built-in amplifier and don't have a separate one lying around, you can buy cheap amplified speakers, such as these: Regardless if you end up getting better equipment, your records will last much longer and with fewer pops and ticks if you clean them periodically by hand. There are numerous YouTube videos on this or you can google "how to clean LPs by hand" and get methods by industry experts. And please, please don't eat food while touching your LPs. It's a death knell. Happy Listening!
  10. The Positivity Thread

    What kind of turntable do you play vinyl on?
  11. Fall 2018 Applicants

    @Undercommoner thanks. I was away from this forum during the holidays and missed reading some postings. The explanation makes sense.
  12. Fall 2018 Applicants

    Congrats to the person who was accepted to Illinois/Urbana PhD program on Jan. 5th. That's really an unusually early decision, is it not?
  13. History Graduate Program Funding Package Spreadsheet

    @ramey thanks for bumping this year. Very helpful info.
  14. I hope you meant Purdue, unless you're looking to get a PhD in chicken production.
  15. "some type of simple historical topic" There are no simple historical topics. All history is complex, multifaceted, and messy. The difference is that the typical question in the History subforum is specific, so if someone is asking about a certain period, theme, or perspective in say, Latin American or African history, I'm not going to answer because my specialty is 19th century United States history. Same reason why I don't answer if the question concerns graduate history programs outside my field of interest.