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  1. Fall 2018 Applicants

    I have been doing just that the past couple of weeks and found out one POI is planning to retire, so I strongly second the advice to contact your POIs early.
  2. Fall 2018 Applicants

    Sigaba - Thanks for outlining the tasks at hand during this application cycle. Your advice is most useful.
  3. Schools and Controversies

    Yes indeed, especially for the privileged.
  4. Schools and Controversies

    He transferred to Penn for the last two years--reportedly helped by a friendly admissions officer who was a high school chum of Trump's older brother. He spent the first two years at Fordham U, reportedly majoring in golf. He was not a good student at either university.
  5. 2018 AHA Program Released

    I don't know, maybe a night or two of regret?
  6. Any of you ever get bed bugs?

    One or two apartments in my building had them. Even though the other apartments were bed bug free, everyone had to have their residences treated. That's because bed bugs travel from apartment to apartment through the walls. The exterminator had to actually spray inside the walls through cracks. So even if you treat your apartment they will come back if they are still in other apartments. Since you work in a science lab, ask your co-workers about treatment. If they don't know, they may know another scientist with knowledge of bed bugs.
  7. SLP Masters programs....advice!!

    Scroll down to Professional Programs and the SLP sub category will be staring you in the face. You should be able to get good advice there.
  8. Schools and Controversies

    "Don't do that. If you've taken the time to look up the grievances against Manning, then you've seen that she uses feminine pronouns." Thanks. I haven't followed Manning's story closely.
  9. Schools and Controversies

    For myself, I would not apply to an institution, only if that institution advocates and adopts an extremist policy--such as prohibiting free speech for example. In Chelsea Manning's case, HKS offered the fellowship and then rescinded the offer. It originated and ended within HKS, not Harvard University writ large. Critics of Manning made a case he/she was a convicted felon. Without additional evidence, it is impossible to determine the HKS' rationale for their decision--whether or not it was warranted. If I was interested in applying to the history PhD program at Harvard's GSAS, I wouldn't care what HKS did. What is more concerning for me is whether the politics or culture of the history department fits with my personality, or whether the program is a good fit. Graduate study within your specialty is a small world, within the larger universe of the university. YMMV.
  10. Schools and Controversies

    Sandusky was at Penn State, not Penn.
  11. 2018 AHA Program Released

    Thanks for sharing. Who would have thought that AHA annuals were such a hotbed (oops) of dating.
  12. Chances of getting accepted

    The other answers provide good advice. I want to add though that from your posting you are still young, and aimless--without direction. I think you should forget about any type of graduate program for now and find a job, either in your field of study (leather engineering) or some other type of work just to make money. Work for the next few years and save some money. In your spare time, read what interests you or just read everything until you discovered an interest. Eventually you will come to a realization that you are passionate about a particular topic. This takes time to develop. It is only then you should think about higher education again. You also need to change your perspective in that if you lose interest at the beginning you give up trying. Based on what you wrote, you've given up on just about everything you tried so far. Once you developed some focus and motivation, I back samman1994 's advice, apply for a second bachelor's degree in your region. Hopefully you will be able to get a scholarship, but if not, you will have savings from your job to help with tuition. My assumption is tuition is low in Asian colleges/universities compared to the United States. You will have a head start in the program because you will have read quite a bit when you were working. If you stay focus throughout the bachelor's program, and feel you want to gain more knowledge then apply to a graduate program. At that point, you should do some research about the higher education systems of each country you're interested. You probably know about the educational systems of each Asian country, but they are very different than that of the United States, Britain, Germany, Canada, Mexico and so forth. Graduate school is all about focus, motivation, and dedication and you don't have any of those things right now, but you can develop them once you have a purpose and direction.
  13. Trouble getting onto this site?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Sometimes I have trouble getting on the internet because of the crappy MS OS--slows everything down and prevents me from having internet access, so I'm glad it's not that. I think it's because MS sucks up all the possessing power when it is downloading and installing updates. Makes me want to get a MAC at times like that.
  14. I've had trouble getting onto this forum for the past two days. I was wondering if it was only my computer, or if it was site related. Did anyone else have a problem?
  15. Did you enjoy grad school?

    I'm thoroughly enjoying grad school, but that's because I'm a non-traditional older student. The motivation and dedication I have now didn't exist when I was an undergrad or even during my first master's program a long time ago. My interest is at such a high level that I'm applying to PhD programs for next year. Did you recently graduate from college? If so, maybe it's academic burnout. If not, I assume you must have had some interest in grad school if you applied. What reasons are causing anxiety at the start of the semester? Is one of them imposter syndrome? Flip your thinking around to a glass half full. Think that you're incredibly fortunate to be in grad school, as a part of a very small select group vis-à-vis the general population. Motivate yourself by interacting positively with your classmates; you will learn from them as they will learn from you. Get involve in other aspects of the school you're attending. Every college/university has tons of activities for you to participate. If you're working full-time and don't have much free time, then get yourself in a study or project group, or start one yourself. There are academic support services in every program, so avail yourself of that. There are other ways to get out of a rut, but this is a start. Good luck!