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  1. "I'm working on my French and German reading knowledge. My grad school can administer the test; in fact, my thesis advisor has encouraged me to do it, but will the results be accepted wherever I attend?" I agree with TMP and psstein that language exemption depends on the particular program. In my case, I took a French graduate reading course during my MA program. When I requested exemption at my current PhD program, the graduate director requested I submit the graded final exam (based on translation of a Foucault passage) for approval. The director determined that the exam was rigorous
  2. This is an unique situation because of COVID-19. Most schools are thinking about how to finish the semester without harm to the student body. It's a fluid situation and my guess is that when Pitt made the announcement they didn't anticipate that the virus would spread so quickly. It's a good probability that most departments have delayed decisions until they get a handle on setting requirements for the remainder of the semester first. At my school, they already extended Spring break past this week until the end of next week, so they can establish online teaching protocols. My advice is to
  3. Yes, good advice on both counts! That's why more grad history programs are taking a global approach (read non-Ivy) to at least provide an additional avenue for employment.
  4. I agree with the other replies, though there are exceptions occasionally. Unfortunately, (cough, cough) there is implied (cough, cough) age discrimination. Not universally applicable but departments will favor younger applicants because they can potentially have a longer career. The same holds for non-traditional older PhD applicants.
  5. TMP - Your observation parallel the experiences of two undergrad friends who earned their PhD at Berkeley and Columbia, and are still in search of a tenured track after spending the past two decades in visiting and non-tenured jobs. I fear that the train has left the station for them.
  6. For everyone still in a liminal state of not knowing, hang in there and at least try doing something you enjoy instead of being in nervous anticipation. It does not change the application process unfortunately. The academic gods decide, so have a good read, listen to good music, eat a good meal, watch a good flick, and engage in a great conversation with friends. The best of luck for everyone still waiting to hear!
  7. Yes, STEM is the most popular pursuit at my university, though over-saturation doesn't seem to stem the tide. At least there are fewer papers to grade in history courses.
  8. In the past two years enrollment in undergrad history classes are generally down across fields at my university. The dept. is figuring out how to bring enrollment back up.
  9. Professor Diner has in the past written about other ethnic immigrations--e.g. Irish.
  10. I was in a similar situation years ago. I don't know your particulars, but for me the best thing was to rest and free my mind for several weeks. I wanted to pursue some of my interests during that period, but I realized the best thing was to unburden myself of thought instead of substituting one form of thinking for another. In the end, I went back to school with a clear head--tabula rasa--and found myself refreshed and motivated for learning. During that time, I did a lot of hiking, listening to nature, and did some fishing. Even tried meditation. I quit my FT job when I returned to scho
  11. Everyone has given you sound advice on the application process. Just concentrate on the things you have control over in the next 6-7 months. Unless I missed it, you didn't specify whether you're planning on applying to MA or PhD programs.
  12. My experience is similar to @TakeruK. That question was asked on some of my applications. Just be honest--academia is based on integrity. In your case, it seems the infraction was minor and should not cause a problem.
  13. Congrats! Maybe I'm not seeing something since I'm looking from the outside, but a funded PhD offer from WashU seems more attractive than any of the MA offers.
  14. Declined my Fordham offer, perhaps it will help someone on this forum.
  15. Congrats! I've heard people say that Harvard is the WUSTL of the East!
  16. I was accepted at Fordham yesterday but without funding. I'm going to ask for tuition waiver and if they say no, then I'll be attending Stony Brook unless I'm admitted off the waitlist at CUNY. At least this long and grueling application cycle is almost over. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting for a decision(s).
  17. I'm out at UConn and Rutgers but have moved up the waitlist at the CUNY GC.
  18. Congrats! I guess I won't see you at the Stony Brook open house?
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