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  1. Just got back after a hiatus for quite a few months! I guess I'm here to see what I can learn from current/former grad students about academic life, etc.
  2. I started contacting them around late summer (early-mid August). You can always start browsing professors' lab webpages and read their publications anytime - it's best to start this process early, especially since all that lab webpage browsing/paper reading can take time. Now is a good time to get started as well. Good luck!
  3. Oh man... you have my sympathies it's super frustrating to get application process be hindered by transcript requests, which should be the simplest of all the application components... and 60 days?!? That's insane... Let's hope that all universities will offer e-transcripts (as well as accepting those) in the next not 20, but 2 years! Glad to hear that everything worked out for you and that you got admitted to your first choice. Congrats!
  4. New profile pic! Suddenly I want a praying mantis as a pet... 

    1. iDance


      Sorry I saw this on the main page lol I had one for a pet when I was younger--best choice you could make but they don't live long. I'll go back to lurking now but just had to say :D

  5. Attending ECU Biology this coming fall! Anyone else going to ECU?
  6. Lol I still haven't heard official decisions from two schools I applied to, but I too am assuming rejections from them at this stage now that it is April 18th.
  7. So... I'm guessing everyone has heard back from their EEB schools at this stage?
  8. A very encouraging message from your recommender!
  9. Oh wow, that's gotta be super frustrating, especially having to go to the post office! I really hope all the universities and their respective grad programs transition to electronic transcript options in the next year or so - and hopefully our old schools will stop charging alumni ridiculous prices for transcript orders too...
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