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  1. Well, I will say that after applying to many PhD programs for 2017 admission, nothing has been more frustrating than transcript requests. The MOST frustrating part about transcripts is that there are still a ton of graduate programs that require us to request official transcripts to be mailed from their respective institutions after we submit our application (to be fully considered for review by the admissions committee, even if we have not received any unofficial admission offers), and often, these institutions will only accept hard copies via snail mail! Even when many universities are offering electronic official secured PDF options! Seriously, this is 2017... Some institutions I request transcripts to be requested from have both first-class mail & overnight delivery options (though the second options always costs like crazy, but I always choose the second option if it's available, since the registrar office takes their sweet time to delay the delivery if a first-class option is requested), and some only offer their infamously sluggish first-class mail option. I find that first-class mail transcripts from their respective institutions sometimes take up to TWO weeks (or even longer) to get delivered, even though I requested them WELL IN ADVANCE! Some of these institutions' registrar office take FOREVER to process the transcript order and won't officially mail it until 2-3 days (or even longer) after initial request... simply ridiculous. Another frustrating part about these is that the admissions office of the graduate programs I applied to will email me (or nag me, if you can call it that, haha) to remind me that they still have not received the transcripts. I mean, what else am I supposed to do? I've done all I can by requesting transcripts to be mailed well in advance (as well as triple-checking that the recipient addresses are entered correctly). Sometimes I even had to order more copies because they were just taking so long to get delivered. And sometimes they were just plain lost in the mail! Does anyone else here found transcript requests to be the most frustrating part about graduate applications? Or does anyone have any transcript horror/annoyance stories to share? I'm relieved that more and more schools are only requesting official hard-copy transcripts (or ePDF) after an applicant is admitted, which makes this whole process SO MUCH EASIER. However, a large number of schools (including some I applied to) still require official HARD COPY transcripts mailed by snail mail to be fully reviewed by the admissions committee (even if you have not received an unofficial admissions offer), which I find it ludicrous, seeing that this is 2017 (and ePDF transcripts save so many trees). I will say that if it wasn't for all these transcript requests, I would definitely have saved a substantial amount of my savings that went to graduate applications...
  2. 2017 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

  3. EndNotes

    Mendeley all the way!
  4. When to contact potential advisor

    I started contacting them around late summer (early-mid August). You can always start browsing professors' lab webpages and read their publications anytime - it's best to start this process early, especially since all that lab webpage browsing/paper reading can take time. Now is a good time to get started as well. Good luck!
  5. Why do you need a Ph.D. degree?

    I want to become a professor as well.
  6. I like your support
  7. To the admins: Thanks!

    Thank you all!!
  8. Frustrations with transcript requests

    Oh man... you have my sympathies it's super frustrating to get application process be hindered by transcript requests, which should be the simplest of all the application components... and 60 days?!? That's insane... Let's hope that all universities will offer e-transcripts (as well as accepting those) in the next not 20, but 2 years! Glad to hear that everything worked out for you and that you got admitted to your first choice. Congrats!
  9. The sub-3.0 GPAs ACCEPTANCE thread

  10. New profile pic! Suddenly I want a praying mantis as a pet... 

    1. iDance


      Sorry I saw this on the main page lol I had one for a pet when I was younger--best choice you could make but they don't live long. I'll go back to lurking now but just had to say :D

  11. East Carolina University

    Attending ECU Biology this coming fall! Anyone else going to ECU?
  12. 2017 EEB Applicant Profiles & Admissions Results

    Lol I still haven't heard official decisions from two schools I applied to, but I too am assuming rejections from them at this stage now that it is April 18th.
  13. 2017 Biology Final Decision Threads!

    ECU Biology!
  14. 2017 EEB Applicant Profiles & Admissions Results

    So... I'm guessing everyone has heard back from their EEB schools at this stage?
  15. Rejection hurts

    A very encouraging message from your recommender!
  16. Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    Cool Guess
  17. Was the entire TGC not working at all for the last 24 hours? I couldn't sent any messages or post topics or replies at all throughout the forum. Just curious if anyone else experienced the same. Glad to see that it's back now though. Thank you!
  18. Frustrations with transcript requests

    Oh wow, that's gotta be super frustrating, especially having to go to the post office! I really hope all the universities and their respective grad programs transition to electronic transcript options in the next year or so - and hopefully our old schools will stop charging alumni ridiculous prices for transcript orders too...
  19. Oh I see - thank you again for your help!
  20. 2017 EEB Applicant Profiles & Admissions Results

    Congratulations Egret! UCR will be awesome. Some schools are just too slow at getting back to us...
  21. 2017 EEB Applicant Profiles & Admissions Results

    Thank you!! Best of luck to you on your applications as well!!!
  22. Frustrations with transcript requests

    Anyone? I guess I'm probably the only one who had problems/frustrations with transcript requests during the admissions process haha...
  23. After receiving my admittance to one of my top choices, I probably slept infinitely better than I ever had in the past four to five months... I can breathe again... 

  24. 2017 EEB Applicant Profiles & Admissions Results

    Just got admitted to my top choice!!!
  25. Admission at last!!!!! To my top choice!!!!!!