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  1. Let's say someone asks you "Why do you need a Ph.D?" Then, what is your answer? For me, even though there are a few reasons why I need it; however, I would like to answer that the very first thing that I have to obtain is the Ph.D. degree because I have wanted to become a professor. What about you? Could you please share it with me?
  2. Let's say I have A and B area for Qualifying exam and I have to choose one of them. In terms of area A, I have heard that it is easy to pass because committee members are more generous and kind. They are even trying to help students to answer correctly during the exam. However, I have never studied the subject before. I was trying to take a class but realized that it is really hard to understand the contents because I don't have any backgrounds on the class which is definitely graduate level. In terms of area B, I have studied the subject since I was in undergraduate studies. Also, I am very interested in studying the area. However, the committee members are so strict and it is really hard to get passed the area. I have heard that some of students, of course, have passed the area; however, most of students failed to the exam. I actually don't know what I am going to do. Could you please give me an advise so that I may be able to figure out which one is going to the best for me? I like studying area B but I am worried about what if I failed to the exam; whereas, I am really not interested in area A but it might be easy to get passed. (Honestly, I don't know if I can understand the area A because I will need to study from the very beginning of the subject)
  3. Let's say you are a second-year student. After one year, you need to take a qualifying exam which has been known as very difficult one to pass. One more assumption is that you are very passionate to conduct a research. If so, during this year, what area would you like to focus more on? Please note that you are not able to handle both research and study, instead of it, you are required to only focus on one of them.
  4. Hello everyone, I got started graduate school in 2015 and I am currently a second year Ph.D. student. During the first year, I have heard that it has been so difficult for students to pass the qualifying exam. For example, 4 students out of 10 may be failed to get though the exam. It feels like that I am really passionate doing research; however, in the meantime, I have concerned about course works. It would be better if I am able to handle both research and course work but I would say that I can't do that simultaneously. (Please don't ask the reason why I can't) For those reason, I have been thinking about the priority in this year. Could you please recommend me how to deal with the problem? Please note that I will take the qualifying exam on Fall 2017. Thank you in advance for your Kindly reply.
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