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  1. Hello Throwawaydnf99, I have my MS and a Post-Grad Certificate. Based on my experience, I think, if you have awesome Subject GRE Scores, more importantly publications/patents and LORs, this may help you still get into good and even top schools. Some good schools need just a B average as their cut offs, then they base their admissions decision on research experience and skills. You can discuss their research and the application strength with professors whom you are interested in working with. They would surely stress research fit, most probably. Good Luck!
  2. I posted the rejection for OEB, the PI let me know on e-mail when I inquired. Sorry for not clarifying that on survey.
  3. Thanks for letting us know that dustonthedash. Hoping to hear something that time. Good luck all!
  4. Anyone got interview invites for EEB programs and have their dates? No signatures for them in the Results page , is it too early? I am specially interested in Harvard OEB. They seem to send invites in late Jan from their history. Anyone else also waiting out till the late Jan?
  5. Anyone has an idea about Harvard OEB interview invites? When do they send those?
  6. Undergrad Institution: Autonomous Medical School (India, not very well known) Major(s): Life Sciences (Medical Biotechnology) Minor(s): N/A GPA in Major: First Class Overall GPA:First Class Position in Class: Average Graduate Institution I: Regional University (India, not very well known) Major(s): Biotechnology Minor(s): N/A GPA in Major: Distinction Overall GPA: Distinction Position in Class: Average Graduate Institution II: Top 120 Uni in the World, top 5 in London. Major: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology GPA in Major: Merit Overall GPA: Merit Type of Student: Interna
  7. Have a look at OCWs Specifically, I suggest UCBerkeley CellBio MolBi and also Biochem , Yale (by Stephen C. Stearns,) EEB; UCBerkeley Intro Bio ( Includes Physiology and a general overview of University Bio) (you may wish to go for a deeper physiology course if you want). Complement this with reading and exercises from Undergrad texts. Use test prep books for learning test taking strategies, if you wish. I am also preparing for it for the 2nd time! PM me if you wish!
  8. Hi GoOutside, I too feel that if you have a PhD in a non-EEB field, it will be hard for you to get into an EEB post doc. Also, if you have an undergrad and possibly an MS in EEB, you should consider applying to top EEB programs the next cycle. If you however can compromise and work in medically centered topics for all your PhD postdoc and thus for your future tenure, you can do it- it will PAY off! However, the stipends at top EEB programs would also be nice ones, so if you get it, it will be good. If you don't get into an EEB program while you pursue your current PhD, finish it. Also, you
  9. I just thought to find people who can empathize with a theoretical evolutionary bio PhD applicant (me). Especially to discuss which schools have great Theoretical EEBists and how to get into them... As I have never been to the US, I would appreciate any insight into the schools that offer theoretical evo bio PhD's, especially the following schools- Harvard OEB, MIT bio-EECS, Stanford Biology, Caltech CMS ( non- bio department there), Berkeley Integrative Bio, UCLA BioMaths/EEB, UCSB ( aiming people behind Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics), Cornell Bio. I would like to know abo
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