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  1. If your program has two options for interviews/weekends, does anyone think the first or second would hold any advantage over the other?
  2. I've been wondering, does it matter if you submit you application on say the day of the deadline vs. a couple days or a week prior to the day of the deadline? Is it a bad idea to wait to the day of to click the submit button, does this push your application to the very bottom of the pile and thus limit the number of available spots?
  3. I'm noticing some apps allow you to submit more than 3 LOR. Do many people submit more than 3? Would another LOR be a good idea, even if its from someone you havent worked with in a couple years?
  4. Anyone else encounter this question on any of their apps? " Have you ever been found responsible for a disciplinary violation at any educational institution you have attended from 9th grade (or the international equivalent) forward, whether related to academic misconduct or behavioral misconduct, which resulted in your probation, suspension, removal, dismissal, or expulsion from the institution? " Doesn't this seem kind of weird to ask of someone whom has been out of High school for a long time now? What if yo
  5. Should a SOP be double spaced? How long is one typically?
  6. I think it really all depends on how you worded/what your email said! Do they mean meeting wont work, b/c if you're there for only 2 days maybe they just genuinely have other plans/commitments. If you didn't specify or mention a LOR and only mentioned meeting up, she more than likely just has other stuff going on; would it be possible to ask her to speak on the phone? Would this be 'weird?'
  7. Any one know of a good place/have any examples of a SOP vs a PS? Some schools seem to require both. ALSO, is it normal to simply contact PI's of interest asking about space in their lab's? Open to DMs!
  8. Any recs on neuro/pharmacology/behavioral programs that dont require GRE?
  9. Wow impressive! I think your chances are good at all places listed, wat about gre though?
  10. If you have $$ to pay for it I’m sure they’ll be open to it. Ask them!
  11. Any input from people who have obtained m.s. degrees?
  12. @leeal0011 and @babyscientist. thnx for the replies! you bring up a good point babyscientist, I suppose the reason why I say “top school” is more so because a lot of the “top scientists” are at pretty top/high level schools. And the ones who arnt, normally seem to get tons of interest in their labs regardless. that said, I went to a really small LAC and community college and had a gpa of again, ~3.5, so nothing extraordinary. slightly higher in community college though ( basically a 3.8-4.0 if I remeber correctly) where I got my A.A. Idk I guess just b
  13. Title says it all. Dream is to go to a top school for neuro--can go more into detail if anyone wants to PM--research, but have a subpar GPA in my M.S. program at a pretty big public school (~3.5 GPA). It seems like M.S. GPA's are expected to be 4.0's for a solid Ph.D candidate/interviewee; what are your thoughts on this? Is anything below a 3.8-4.0 GPA in a M.S. program despicable/frowned upon? Is it possible to still be a competitive Ph.D candidate? Basically, how screwed am I? **pretty bummed right now Why did I pay all this money just to get a crap
  14. Yes. That is not even a bad gpa once so ever.
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