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  1. Hey everyone, I'm just making this post to tell everyone I've been rejected everywhere in the U.S., but received a few offers from Canada and Europe. I have decided to start my PhD in computational neuroscience at University of Toronto this Fall (2020). I applied to these programs in computational, theoretical, and mathematical neuroscience. Rejections: Boston University California Institute of Technology Carnegie Mellon University-University of Pittsburgh University College London University of California, San Diego University of Chicago Un
  2. How is a research statement different from a motivational letter? There's a PhD position in Switzerland I'm applying to and they require me to attach both. Thanks in advance.
  3. I haven’t received any interviews yet. Should I start worrying now?
  4. Sorry to hear that, mate. Hope the others go well!
  5. Does anyone know of any summer opportunities (internships, classes, etc.) to stay productive or similar during the summer before starting a PhD? For context, I just submitted all of my PhD applications in computational neuroscience so if I could find something to do in that area, it'd be great.
  6. Logic

    CNBC PNC funding

    I'm applying there and other comp neuro places, too. Good luck! Here's my profile and school list if you're curious:
  7. It seems like you're trying to read into this very deep. It's certainly possible people can give you a canned, generic response, even if your application is less than stellar. It would be different if they said some pre-written, vague response like "We review all parts of the application and encourage you to apply" that doesn't tell you anything and doesn't mean anything. Unless there's some detail in the communication that you can pick up on in your communication that you find peculiar or out-of-the-ordinary (e.g., the professor asks about something you didn't provide, seems to avoid tal
  8. Nice application. Looks like you'll have good chances. Are you considering studying philosophy alongside neuroscience in graduate school? I ask because I was a physics major in undergrad but I took all the coursework for a second major in philosophy. (During my senior year, I found out one of my classes wouldn't count for the philosophy major so I ended up graduating only with a Physics major). You can see my stats and where I applied in this thread, but, if things work out, I'm definitely considering performing philosophy research alongside neuroscience in graduate school. I worry
  9. I applied to UCSD NGP, and received it. It’s weird... I wonder why they would ask that when they already have our applications.
  10. I posted in this thread before, but here area my stats now that I've finished applying to all the PhD programs in computational neuroscience on my list: Boston University California Institute of Technology Carnegie Mellon-University of Pittsburgh Princeton University University College London University of California, San Diego University of Chicago University of Washington (one in Applied Math and another in Neuroscience) Here are my stats: Academics Undergraduate GPA: 3.3 Post-baccalaureat
  11. Thanks! GRE isn't the best (GRE: 161V, 164Q, 4.5W) but honestly I don't think it'll make much of a difference
  12. Dangit, sorry for the double post, but I forgot to mention I have 3 publications: 2 first-authors and 1 second-author.
  13. I'll be applying to programs in theoretical, computational, and mathematical neuroscience this Fall. My list is: Caltech, Carnegie Mellon, Cold Spring Harbor, UC Davis, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, U Chicago, U Oregon, and U Washington. I might trim it down as the deadlines approach, but I've been drafting essays now and hope to submit them as soon as the deadline window opens. My stats: GPA Undergraduate: 3.3 (Physics-Philosophy double major from Indiana University-Bloomington) Includes: thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, quantum physics, mechanics
  14. I plan on applying to PhDs in computational neuroscience this Fall. I graduated with a physics undergrad degree (3.3 GPA) two years ago. In the time since graduating, I've taken coursework (4.0) during my post-baccalaureate program. How should I address my low undergraduate GPA? Is it okay to say something like "I struggled with personal problems as an undergraduate, but have since overcome them." ?
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