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  1. My GRE wasn't as good as I had hoped,especially Verbal. I got a 158V,153Q and 5 AWA. I was expecting atleast 160 in Verbal. Yes,I was thinking the same about TOEFL too. But been hearing a lot of stuff about how some universities absolutely require it. Haven't booked a date yet though. I am planning on sending out mails to professors working in my exact field of interest;hoping to get some positive responses. It's quite a nerve-wracking process. :'D
  2. Hey,I am extremely interested in the NYCEP programme,so am planning to apply to NYU and CUNY for Biological anthropology. My Masters and Bachelors score is fine and I have decent research experience,and have a couple of really good internships in the recent future in the subject of my choice,that is,primatology. My GRE score was sadly not very good, 311,153Q and 158V,AWA 5.My research interests are absolutely in line with a couple of professors there. Do you think I have any chance of getting into the programme ?
  3. So sorry for the extremely delayed reply ! @breadwinner , @otherss and @Hr. Gore - Thank you so much for your advice ! I got so busy with my Masters thesis work that I could not spend any time on this at all. Now that I'm done with it,I am looking for such online Math courses or courses at some universities in my city ( eg. ISI,as @Hr. Gore) said. Hopefully something will work out !
  4. Hello, I am from Zoology background(finished my Masters last month) wanting to shift paths to Biological Anthropology (interested in nonhuman primate behaviour). I do not have a lot of research experience;I have researched/interned with about four institutions(among which two are directly related to primatology) and have got two more coming up (all at well-known organizations/institutions) I been looking at many universities in the US and Canada that offer PhD in Biological Anthropology and have seen a couple of programs,all of which look out of reach. T_T I would really appreci
  5. Many of the graduate programmes(PhD in my case) in Ecology,Animal Behaviour,Behavioural Ecology are stating that they require at least a few semesters of Mathematics,including Calculus in undergraduate or postgraduate levels. Some even require Physics. These subjects are generally not offered in universities (here,in India) for Biology related subjects. My query is,is there any way around it,for example,additional coursework later on ?
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