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  1. I'm a final-year MPP student at the LKYSPP, and have been using this forum for my PhD applications. Wished I had stumbled across this part of the forum much earlier! I won't be able to share much about the application or the notification process, but happy to help with regard to / answer questions related to: - The MPP curriculum and modules; - Life in Singapore (I'm a Singaporean myself); and - Experience of the other students, from the other countries (happy to link you up with my classmates, if applicable!) Congratulations to all who have received the offers and / or scho
  2. Unfortunately not! I have a few mid-term examinations that week, and my current university administration is a stickler for these arrangements (especially when they were announced at the start of the semester). Let me know if you do attend Welcome Day / accept the offer? Would be nice to know someone - albeit virtually - if we do attend the same school.
  3. @ThinkVee @Tuck1 I asked about this, and they said the official package will be sent out in the next few weeks.
  4. Columbia University (in New York)! Apologies for the imprecision.
  5. Just received the rejection from Columbia, via an email directing the applicant to check the portal.
  6. Congratulations @ThinkVee @Tuck1!
  7. Thank you! And yes, I received the email on Wednesday morning (Singapore time). A call is scheduled for this Friday morning, so will follow up if more information is shared! The main weakness of my application was the lack of formal work experience. I did my bachelor and master degrees concurrently, and applied to PhD programmes straight after. So I emphasised: my research and networks in Asia and Singapore in particular; the expertise in mixed-methods and the slight predilection for quantitative methods; and my involvement in the non-profit and philanthropy sector, through the letters.
  8. Have been following this forum and this thread for some time, and the posts have been really helpful. I'll complete my public policy degree in Singapore, in May this year. I applied to five schools: Berkeley (social welfare), UPenn (social welfare), UCLA (social welfare), Duke (public policy), and Columbia (social work). I was rejected from Berkeley (Feb 7) and UPenn (Feb 10), and received an acceptance to UCLA (Feb 14). Waiting to hear from Duke and Columbia.
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