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  1. Hi all, I just want to say thank you to this forum in accompanying me through my graduate application journey. You guys are such a bunch of kind, reliable strangers! For those who are not coming to LKY, I believe that there will be greater things destined for you. Failures are, after all, learning process and happened to everybody. Anywhere, anytime. I am myself rejected by my other graduate choices. So, cheer up and good luck for your next endeavors! For those deciding to attend LKY MPP 2017 class, we have started a group in Facebook. The keywords are "LKY MPP 2017-2019". If you do not or cannot access FB, you can contact me through personal message in this forum. Not quite sure about other programs (MPA, MIA) tho as I only know the MPP cohort. Have a nice day, guys! Best of luck for all of us!
  2. Congratulation, @Ella16! I wish you accept the offer so we can meet on August! For those who are still waiting, I hope Ella's story can be a comfort for you
  3. I agree with you, Ella. I asked them and they said they offer partial scholarship in previous years (only tuition, only housing, discount on tuition, etc). I don't know whether it is being continued this year or not. Additionally, I think we should remember that more than 600 persons applied for MPP this year. While in my observation, less than 60 persons are being involved in this thread. So there is a big possibility that the conversation here does not capture the entire situation happened to all applicants. I do hope more people join this thread but, you know, I even stumbled upon this thread by coincidence. I wish the best for all of you guys as well!
  4. Correction: they don't say 30 sorry, the correct one is "around 30". So I don't know the exact number as well.
  5. Congrats for everyone who gets the offer! For the MPP program, if there is no scholarship mentioned in your offer, keep in mind that your chance for scholarship is still open as the first batch (my batch) will provide their replies next week. If anyone of them reject, it will trickle down to others. @BharathY I was interviewed on 11 March, if my memory is correct
  6. Yup I asked them this question as well and they said the first batch went to 30 persons and most of them got scholarship. Nevertheless, not everybody will say yes for the offer so next batches will surely see more than 50 persons invited. Good luck!
  7. @guanyinmiao hi guanyin! Thank you for sharing. I will contact you through message to ask more detailed thing, if you don't mind. @Ella16 hi ella! I got the news at 5-6 pm Singapore time yesterday. @1309 I have 3 years working experience. But I asked them and they said the first batch accept those with 1 to >5 years experience. So you know, it really is a diverse cohort profile. Again, thank you for the kind words! I just want to say you guys have been a bunch of kind strangers along this waiting period. I really wish we all will get the best answers soon!
  8. Thanks all for the kind words! I applied for the MPP program and they said I must send back my response in a week. The scholarship covers monthly stipend, housing, books, and settling costs. Also, flights to and from Singapore.
  9. Yup so basically they send the early batches to those who gets the scholarship first. Eventually, as some people reject it, they will give the quota to other persons. That's why they're doing it in batches. They also said that this year, more than 600 persons applied for the MPP. They will accept around 70-80 persons. So keep your hopes high!
  10. Guys, I got the offer! It's the official admission offer with full scholarship. I asked them and they said today is the first batch of the announcement. They will keep announcing in batches until May. Looking forward to meet you all in Singapore this July!
  11. @Ella16 hope your prediction comes true, Ella! Good luck for all of us!
  12. I kind of provide consulting to the financial authority. But my main job is advising financial institutions in compliance and governance topics. What about you?
  13. Yup, got no doubt about the career advancement. Seniors from my undergraduate university who went to LKY SPP ultimately go to high-flying jobs like World Bank or assistant to the minister. But aside from career boost, any idea why LKY SPP attain their No. 1 spot in Asia despiter the school was founded just a decade ago?
  14. @Amir Shehzad @Kochito22 @kaleembogor yup the Asian Century topic is one of my reasons as well. At first I was sceptical but then China is bubbling now while USA has Trump so you know... SEA dynamic will be very interesting in near future (no offense for Chinese and Americans here). It's just in my country, people are so into with degrees from US and UK. Some even start looking degrees from Aussie halfheartedly because they think "oh it's too close from Indonesia" or "so many Indonesians there. You don't get the study-abroad feeling", which don't make any sense for me at all because a degree is still a degree right? Especially if it's coming from world-class Aussie schools. That's why I'm asking the question. It's intriguing to see all of your perspectives as non-Indonesians. Thank you all for sharing your point-of-view!