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  1. Don't blame yourself, Bro, I get an offer from ANU and I find that your post is very useful as I considering the offer. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Just received a rejection e-mail. My game is over. Good luck for everyone
  3. The working hour in Singapore is already finished. Have anyone heard from them or get any offer today? Thank in advance.
  4. Nahh, not yet. I am also floating around the waiting ocean as same as you hahaha. Although I didn't finish my interview so well, I still have some hope(left). Enjoy your weekend
  5. Thank you so much for your information. Yeah, I am from Thailand. Also, congratulation to all folks who get the offer!!
  6. Congrat to you!!! May I ask which cohort did you applied for? MPP or MPA? Thank in advance.
  7. I think it's possible if there are someone decline it. Moreover, as I read from the group of last year admission, there were some candidates recieved the scholarship later. Do you get the offer letter, anyway?
  8. Congratulation, hope that you get the scholar in case someone decline it. Good Luck, bro
  9. @Theo20 May I ask that do you have any idea about how many people who have been sent in the first batch? Thank you in advance.
  10. Wow, congratulation and I hope that I will be able to meet you at the school. Thank you for your update.
  11. Yeah, even it is almost impossible, I think there are small chances that the accepted one just didn't post on this forum. sighnn...wish we will hear something from them within tomorow. May the LUCK be with you.
  12. Hi @Asokai sorry for my unclear message. Actually, I mean I am waiting to hear from them since yesterday and I still keep refresh this page and my e-mail every working hour, in case one of us get the offer! I applied for MPP, though. Figer crossed for all of us.
  13. Is there anyone hear the news from the admission office? I have been so excited since yesterday. Good Luck, everyone.
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