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  1. I think everyone is accepted to Caltech as an MS student, so there is a high probability of switching to PhD. Also, what area are you in EE if you don't mind me asking? I am also waiting to hear back from Caltech.
  2. Congratulations! When did you get the official email?
  3. Has anyone heard back from Stanford about interviews?
  4. I am an undergraduate student and will be applying to Electrical Engineering PhD programs this fall. I am aiming for really top schools like Caltech, Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley (not because of their rank but also because of the professors there). I recently took GRE and got 166Q/164V/5.0 AWA. Given that average quantitative GRE scores for these schools are 168Q, should I retake the GRE to be able to get into these schools? My GPA is 3.95, and I have 1 conference publication,1 submitted journal publication in review (not accepted yet), and two poster presentations at two conferences (not peer-reviewed). I am hoping to submit 1 more conference publication by the time of my application deadline.
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