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  1. Oh Hi @itheproofofstupidity were you the one who posted. Congrats on Georgia Tech!! Did they mention anything in the email about how many people they are taking? Also, if you don't mind me asking what are your research interests? What area of Operations Research are you interested in? Again congrats!!!
  2. Hi, has anyone heard any notice from Georgia Tech PhD OR about the waitlist. Someone posted today that they got off the waitlist. Thanks.
  3. Anyone hear anything from Wisconsin? Also, if anyone who was accepted to Wisconsin but doesn’t plan on going, could you please decline. Thank you.
  4. @itheproofofstupidity my heart broke too..sigh.
  5. sorry to hear that @theonionring. sigh. hopefully we both get into our other top choices!
  6. Hi, thanks for your kind response @itheproofofstupidity. apparently, there was a misunderstanding and i can only choose between staying on the waitlist or being considered for MS OR, not both as they are considered separate apps and multiple apps are not allowed.
  7. Hi @onionring I was waitlisted by Columbia's PhD operations research back in Feb 25. They said they would let us know about the waitlist in mid-April. Now, I just received a generic rejection that everyone received. Did you or other Columbia PhD waitlists also receive this email? The rejection email had a link to be considered for Columbia's MS OR and i had sent an email last week that I wanted to be considered for the MS in OR while I waited for my PhD decision. Not sure if this is why I just received rejection email.....seems very early to be rejected from waitlist....sigh
  8. @itheproofofstupidity @WilliamWantPhD Yep just received the email as well!
  9. Thanks @bayessays should I inform him of new research projects I have been working on that weren’t listed in my application? Or should I not mention them?
  10. thanks @Geococcyx and @blehperson for your responses and recommendations. I'm a bit hesitant now on how to exactly proceed. If its not too much trouble or hassle, @Stat PhD Now Postdoc and @bayessays , do you guys have any thoughts on how I should proceed or if I should do anything at all? thank you!
  11. I was waitlisted by my first choice PhD program about 1 month ago. I was inquiring what steps I should take after being waitlisted. Should I contact the Professor (different than the director of the graduate admissions committee) who interviewed me and update him with the most recent new research projects I have been working on this semester? I was also informed who the director of the graduate admissions committee this year is. Should I contact him and update him with research projects not listed when I submitted my application and also further state my interest in the program? Finally, when
  12. @itheproofofstupidity thanks for your reply. The wait for decisions is not fun but it’ll be over at least in one month!
  13. Hi @itheproofofstupidity Sorry to bother you but have you heard anything from Professor Erera about the webinar for Georgia tech? Thanks.
  14. Thanks @yuizu221 for the valuable info. Nervously waiting..
  15. Hi @stlearn sorry to hear that. Have you heard anything from wisconsin statistics?
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