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  1. Hi chs, I received an e-mail on Jan 19 and interview on Jan 25. I was interviewed by an assistant professor(not my POI mentioned in PS). The interview is quite normal. But the professor told me that all the result for international applicants will be sent after the visiting day.
  2. Hi guys(girls), I am applying for the Fall 2019 IEOR Ph.D. program. Is there anyone else also applied to IEOR Ph.D. If you are, you can share your story here. Also, you can ask some questions that you concern about the application, result, programs etc. About me, I have applied MIT(ORC S.M.) Columbia Berkeley Northwestern Umich VT TAM Stanford(MSE) Princeton(ORFE) Gatech. I have got an offer from VT and interviewed Umich and TAM. Since I haven't heard anything from NWU, Berkeley, and Columbia, I think the possibility for me to get admitted is very small (sad story
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