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  1. Hello everyone, Need help evaluating profile and shortlisting universities. I am aiming for Operation Research(PhD or MS) / Data Science(MS) I have good experience in working on optimization, mathematical modelling and Applied ML I have degree in bachelor in EE GRE: 322(169Q + 152V) (I don't know if this is anymore useful since all Top programs have waived GRE) TOEFL: yet to attempt GPA: 7.85 Under Graduate Research Assistant for 2 years Papers: 4 papers in moderate to good IEEE conferences & 1 paper submitted to top Journal(all fir
  2. Hello Guys I have through this whole thread and learnt many things thank you. I have few questions Can some one tell me class size of PhD Columbia IEOR, MIT ORC and UC Berkeley? I have talked to a potential Advisor at Columbia he said For Best result I should apply for PhD and also he suggested that I should mention his name in Sop and after submitting application we can discuss possibilities. One professor just "Encouraged me to apply for PhD" in personalized mail, while I reached out.(I don't know what that means positive or Negative)
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