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  1. Same thing is happening to me. I sent them an email with my reference code but I'm thinking we should basically assume rejection. Edit: email from Columbia: "All students admitted or placed on the waitlist were contacted by the department via email last week. Official notices from the graduate school will be going out to everyone else this week."
  2. Status still listed as 'submitted'... I guess I'll be making a call this morning
  3. I see a bunch of rejections coming for Columbia but I still haven't heard anything and can't find a status anywhere on the application page. Anybody know where I should look?
  4. So here's who I am, I'll start with the stats: GPA: overall 3.5 (was a slacker first two years, last two years I refocused got a 3.79 upper-division GPA) GRE: 170V/168Q (not sure about the writing section yet) Soft stuff: My woman got pregnant basically as I graduated so I've spent the last two years teaching the LSAT part-time and taking care of my son full-time while the wife did her medical residency. I'm interested in international development and conflict studies. I've got some interesting research ideas as well as extensive international experience and I think I'll be abl
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