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  1. By all accounts I’ve heard don’t take on the any debt unless you’re independently wealthy. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find fellowships or TA positions to cover gaps in funding. And if you’re going to ND visit days I’ll see you there!
  2. I had a dream last night I was accepted to Harvard which means my brain is cruel to me
  3. I’m not sure if this is helpful for those reapplying but I’m really realizing the importance of connections. The two schools I got into both have professors who were in my recommender’s cohort, one he went to for undergrad, and I got waitlisted where my other recommender went. Don’t be afraid to ask your recommenders or other mentors to reach out to their colleagues when you apply! Emailing professors at schools yourself won’t carry as much weight as a colleague telling them to keep an eye out for your application. And it may not hurt to consider where your professors have connections when deciding where to apply. This isn’t to say that this matters MUCH but it might matter ENOUGH when admissions committees are looking through hundreds of stellar apps and trying to decide between two great students. Obviously don’t apply somewhere that’s not a good fit just because your thesis director knows the DGS.
  4. UT Austin and Notre Dame. The main benefit for me would be acquiring language skills since it’s to teach English and not research.
  5. Is anyone else a Fulbright Semi-Finalist and concerned that schools won’t let them defer if they are selected? I haven’t asked either specifically about whether they’ll let me defer for the Fulbright, but one of the schools I’m accepted to said that I’d have to reapply completely if I didn’t enter Fall 2019. I haven’t been selected or anything yet but I’m wondering who to ask about this. Obviously I’m prioritizing my PhD and will probably just not do the Fulbright if I can’t do both but what if I could get into a higher program if I reapply as a Fulbright scholar? The process of reapplying seems so grueling and a totally expensive crapshoot though so I know it’d be a silly choice.
  6. I haven’t researched Vanderbilt but I think ND is great with the Kellogg Institute and a really robust faculty. At least five or six solid LA CP profs. Doesn’t hurt that Mainwaring is coming back from Harvard too.
  7. I think UT has the strongest comparative program for Latin America out of those options, just based on my research on UCSD and Chicago. I ended up not even applying to Chicago because of fit, and a professor says they’re notorious for admitting too many students then pulling funding for the lower half based on grades making it super cutthroat (but she also said that was years ago). I’m CP so I don’t know much about IR program so if that’s your primary subfield another option might be better. I didn’t get accepted to UCSD, so I’m between UT and Notre Dame right now, which is also a bit of a boutique school for LA studies with the Kellogg Institute. I’m not sure about fit vs. ranking but I keep seeing professors from both citing each other in my research lol. Also Austin is a great place, but I haven’t gotten a funding package yet so not sure about cost of living. Looks like between $800-$1000 rent for cheaper places. Also you’d probably need a car because that’s Texas. Have you heard about funding? Also waiting to hear back from Columbia and Harvard so best of luck!
  8. Has anyone heard about funding packages from UT?
  9. I think it was the official acceptance letter because he also mentioned the same funding info I had, but I could be wrong.
  10. Whoever was asking about ND theory admits, I have a friend who got accepted for theory the same day I did for CP. I feel like you see less theory acceptance reports because there are less theory applicants and maybe they’re less likely to post online.
  11. Google if they have a PhD and if they do say Dr. Lastname
  12. My interviewer for CP told me he was interviewing 8 and admitting 5. He made it sound like everyone has been given an interview request already, but I could be wrong. I got an acceptance email from him today but it’s not a formal one from the DGS. Best of luck with both schools!
  13. True true! I just hope they don’t think I ripped off their idea and regurgitated it into my SOP. I came up with a really similar thesis before I read their stuff.
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