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  1. Yes, ND does have some heavy names, and a 5+1 program provided you finish on time. However, my experience in my Master's here in Brazil is with survey research, political culture and behavior, and Vanderbilt is home to LAPOP and has several professors working with Latin America and political behavior, so it's a better fit. Plus, its program is higher ranked. It really makes me wonder... Thanks for the input, by the way.
  2. Great! You're from CP too, aren't you? Do you plan on attending?
  3. Yes. Sorry if I gave you a mini heart attack there. The admission only just came out, but I had reached out to the DGS yesterday afternoon and he gave me the heads up that I was in. Did you get in?
  4. How do you guys recommend Vanderbilt CP? Would you pick Notre Dame or Vanderbilt for comparative politics with focus on Latin America?
  5. Just how important do you guys think interviews are? I had a great interview last week during which the interviewer said I was a great fit for the program and he would strongly support my admission. He mentioned the faculty there also had positive feelings about my application. In my country, if they say something like that during an interview it means they really want you there and they're just waiting to see the process through. But I don't know how much that means in an American application process.
  6. I talked to one ND professor at the beginning of the week (who is not in the committee this year) and of course he doesn't know the particulars of what's going on but he said there is still hope up until the end of the 15th or so. Of course, then a couple days later they started to admit CP applicants, so I don't know. Did they call you for an Interview? Thanks and best of luck for you too.
  7. Congratulations!!! I hope I can get there too, but according to what you said I don't think I'll progress any further with my application. May I ask you who carried out your interview?
  8. So, do you guys think that if haven't heard back from Notre Dame (not even to schedule an Interview) yet I should a abandon hope? I think I'll be admitted to another school (interview pending, but I got a very positive email from the committee), but I was hoping to be admitted in ND. Comparative politics, by the way.
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