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  1. I'm not particularly an Americans guy, even though I've done a little work with them. More like Ancients/Early moderns. I will add, though, that while I am not much into Germans, Gillespie is nobody to sneeze at.
  2. Is Tarcov still particularly active? I got the impression he's old and on the way out. CST is awesome for great books, no doubt. As for Duke, I am not fully decided. They've offered me the GAANN fellowship, which is a really great funding opportunity, but the program just isn't really the best fit for me, I think. I'm not interested in Germans a la Gillespie, and Grant seems to be less interested in theory these days (though she does still advise). Roussiliere is really close to my interests, but she is very junior, and going there for one person seems risky. Certainly not saying no yet. It's a great school and they're offering me enough to live very comfortably in Durham, but at the moment I'm leaning away.
  3. Mind sharing what your interests are? Chicago's HPT people seem to mostly be APs, with notable exceptions mostly having to do with Germans. Is that where your interests lie?
  4. Depends. For the most part, USNews is pretty roughly accurate as far as I've heard. Re: theory, though, it's more complicated. For one, there's the question of whether you're doing History of Political Thought or Contemporary theory. In HPT, if people think you're a Straussian (doesn't matter if you actually are or not), they may not take you. Many institutions are very very against it (there was a whole scandal with Yale and Thomas Pangle a while back, though Yale in particular is much more sympathetic these days). So if you're a Strauss-like HPT applicant, you're really only looking at certain places anyway, which kind of nullifies the top 10 consideration. Re: international, it largely depends on where you want to work. If you want to work at an American University, go to one. Even UToronto, which has the largest political science faculty I've ever seen and is Canadian, has some trouble securing American placement. Hope it helps.
  5. American Political Thought. It's basically a field that is a grey area, since it relates to American politics and Political theory, both of which are common Subfields.
  6. From what I can tell, BC has 4 IR profs. I'm not particularly well versed in the field though, so it's possible I'm missing something like one of them being emeritus or retired.
  7. Stats is fun? Sorry, you've lost my tiny theorist brain. On the other hand, by your description it seems that you've discovered the secret of the Moonwalk.
  8. Snow AND Stats? My thoughts are with you in these trying times.
  9. I wouldn't discourage anything. I'm not an insider. I am just speculating here. If you're really interested in their IR people, then you might send one of those people an email and have a chat with them about the program. They will certainly have more insight than I do, and I don't want to potentially ruin a good thing by telling you not to apply somewhere. However, if you want my honest opinion, an IR student might need to shine a little brighter to attract the attention of a BC committee. I want to stress again, though, that I'm just an undergrad you've never met. Do not take my word at face value. Maybe I'm an IR student with my eyes on Boston looking to thin out next year's competition in some elaborate ruse. Get your info from the horse's mouth. Profs don't bite.
  10. Yeah, I think this may have simply been a program fit thing. BC takes roughly 5 students a year, and their heavy hitters are all theorists' theorists, like Bartlett. Don't sweat this one too much.
  11. I wouldn't stress a ton about BC in particular. It's a boutique program. Not many admits, and very heavily theory focused. Even going beyond theory, their second biggest thing is American stuff, which is itself pretty APT heavy. The extent to which they have been branching out into IR with faculty picks may take a while to affect the kinds of students they're taking. If you're a good showing in IR, they may simply not want IR students this run.
  12. Just got admit from UC Davis.Funding offered and they're looking for RSVPs about a campus visit.
  13. Nope. It's been a while, but UT is a massive institution, so it wouldn't surprise me if there's a lot of bureaucratic hullabaloo involved that's holding things up.
  14. They may not be through. My first notif was a personal email.
  15. BC Applicants, just got the official update. Keep an eye out.
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