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  1. I guess someone asked about NYU at the results section. I e-mailed them and they told that not all the admission offers are gone out yet, and there will be some more coming out next week. So I guess there is still hope, but not sure if there is hope for us, as Kafka once said.
  2. Totally agree. It's not that US academia is a closed guild system. PhD admission offers are based on academic merit, research fit, and future potential as a scholar. What makes you guys think that "UK Grads" cannot have these. If you check some "grad students" section of big programs, you can easily see that there are "French Grads, Tunisian Grads, Chinese Grads" etc. too.
  3. Why does that put you in immediate disadvantage, if I may ask?
  4. Haha sandmoon thanks! It was me. I still don't know why. "UK Grad, bla bla..." "UK Grad, good fit, bla bla." I mean, WHO CARES?? What makes you this special dear Brits? No wonder why they're exiting the EU. [Note: German Grad - Bad letters, bad fit. I am looking for a department where I can attack the tradition of western metaphysics and overcome nihilism.]
  5. I am one of the admitted theory students, but I declined their offer, so I expect they will accept someone from the waitlist soon.
  6. I agree with you. As far as I know, Ruth Grant is about to retire and the rest of the faculty is simply not that impressive, especially if you are doing American political theory.
  7. There are people who do ancient political thought and early modern thought (McCormick, Tarcov, etc.), and also no need to mention the Committee on Social Thought. Congratulations on your Duke acceptance! Do you plan to attend Duke, if I may ask?
  8. Actually not. It is more history of political thought.
  9. Also, for the friends in theory subfield, I was accepted to UC San Diego's political theory program and declined their offer. So chances are high that they will offer a place to another theorist.
  10. I claim a theory admission to Cornell. But probably I will decline their offer after the visit, because I have an offer from a better fit. So if they will put you on the waitlist, you shouldn't despair. But I hope that you get accepted as well!
  11. thank you! do you have acceptances?
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