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  1. at281

    Chapel Hill, NC

    Hi guys, I am going to attend UNC this fall. If anyone fancies sharing an apartment or discussing apartment choices in Chapel Hill in general, feel free to PM me! I will be an Economics PhD student.
  2. The GRE quant score is becoming increasingly important in the polisci PhD admissions, so the first option is a no-brainer if your first priority is to get accepted to the solid polisci PhD program. Btw, I am also interested in the political economy of authoritarian regimes in the former USSR and am going to start my PhD this year --- do not hesitate to contact me if you have some specific questions.
  3. I guess that they referred to Master's program admissions coming for rejected PhD applicants. No way it could be PhD admissions, based on historical record. I would really like it to be true given that I myself applied to NYU, but the reality is in most cases very harsh. Guys, it would be better for all of us not to have false hope...
  4. To those admitted to Rochester: can you PM me so that we all get to know one another, share our info and perspectives on the program, discuss our fields of interest, expectations. etc.? Thanks!
  5. I got the offer, the campus invitation, and have not heard from DGS or anybody else as well.
  6. A friend of mine asked the grad program coordinator about this. He said that the NYU admissions process is not over yet and that GSAS will notify applicants once there is a decision made. Since the existing acceptance emails were not sent via GSAS (as per eggsalad14 and trinityshot), it is clear that those still waiting will receive the rejection letter. Sigh.
  7. Given that the NYU acceptance emails were generic (according to eggsalad14) and 4 NYU posts on the Gradcafe are one after another, is it safe to assume that the one and the only batch of offers has already been made?
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