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  1. devotee

    2018-2019 Application Thread

    I am. I do not know how to interpret this, since, supposedly, every school has its own ways...
  2. devotee

    2018-2019 Application Thread

    Thank you. Are there any ways to politely ask if there is an available "slot" (I really do not know the terminology here, LOL) for me to be his student? In other words, how can I ask the chances of him being my advisor? Or would this be considered inappropriate at this point? I really want to make sure and this will be a crucial factor regarding my decision as he is the only person in the faculty whose research interests completely coincide with mine.
  3. devotee

    2018-2019 Application Thread

    Another question. Just got an e-mail from a professor, from the program I was admitted to. My research interests completely overlap with his, in fact he is one of the chief reasons why I applied to that particular program. He says that he has seen my file and is enthusiastic about the possibility of working with me. Apart from that, the email is a typical congratulations email, "don't hesitate to contact me for questions about the department, the program" etc. How do I respond this? What do you do here in this first contact? I guess it would be inappropriate to talk about supervisorship this early on. It might seem counterintuitive to not have questions in such a case, but coming from a professional background, I do not really know the etiquette here. Many thanks in advance.
  4. devotee

    2018-2019 Application Thread

    There is a rejection on Februrary 7 on the results page. I have heard nothing also.
  5. devotee

    2018-2019 Application Thread

    What are the tips for a phone call with the director of admissions of the program that I am admitted to? Said that the conversation would be about the program, the offer and the visit day. Is there anything that I should avoid or anything that would be positive to say? Any strategies that I need to follow? I am a bit nervous and I do not want to screw up. By the way, what is the worst thing that could happen if I screw up? At the risk of seeming too paranoid, I am curious, can they rescind the offer? Thank you.
  6. devotee

    2018-2019 Application Thread

    I see a lot of talk about top 10, top 20 etc schools. Which index is the most common one here? USNews? Times? QS? And do you refer to the whole world or just the U.S? Thank you.
  7. devotee

    2018-2019 Application Thread

    And I had thought today would be a busy day in terms of applications... Yet, the results page is like the Sahara. Nothing alive in sight.
  8. devotee

    Stipend negotiation?

    Thank you very much mate. Asking for additional sources seems to be the better way here.
  9. devotee

    Stipend negotiation?

    Sorry for bumping an old thread. Just got accepted to one of my top choices but the stipend seems to be pretty low (in fact I am not quite sure if it is low since the city is not the biggest one but having looked at the average rent, it seems so). It is my only acceptance as of now - 1 acceptance, 4 rejections and 5 pending applications. I certainly do not have the leverage here, but, still, the financial aspect is my only reservation. I would accept the offer in a heartbeat, otherwise. Should I bring it up nevertheless? We will have a conversation over the phone in the coming weeks. What is the worst thing that could happen? Can they rescind the offer? What is the etiquette here? Any strategies? I do not want to come across too greedy to the coordinator but this is a 5-year commitment and I do not want to eke out a living or, worse, go into debt at this point of my life, really. Thanks in advance.

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