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  1. Must be paywall, search using: Ranking Doctoral Programs by Placement: A New Method Benjamin M. Schmidt, Princeton University Matthew M. Chingos, Harvard University
  2. Check out this paper, not sure if they've updated recently. I think the nrc rankings incorporate as well rankings_paper (1).pdf
  3. Thanks for the reply. Your comment is a virtually perfect reproduction of my internal logic, so it's nice to have that confirmation. I will likely accept Davis' offer, but wanted to get a gut check.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Personally, I don't particularly care about the rankings; I only care insofar as the ranking could affect my ability to find work down the line.
  5. You have three options. - UCDavis - PhD, fully funded - UChicago - MAPSS (1-year intensive masters), 3/4 funding - LSE - MSc Political Science/Poli. Econ (1-year intensive-ish masters), 1/2 funding, may get more Money aside, would you... 1...take the funded offer from UCD and call it a day? OR 2...worried about ranking, go to the one-year program and then reapply to PhD, knowing that there will almost certainly be a one-year gap between the two? IF 2 THEN...Chicago or LSE? Advice appreciated.
  6. I'm guessing if I haven't received an offer from chicago yet that's a rejection at this point, right?
  7. that's correct! Sorry for my east-coast-centrism...
  8. rejection emails for ucsd went out at 3am last night
  9. Thanks for your replies/assistance. I'll report back later with acceptances/rejections (presumably mostly rejections...).
  10. No bites eh? Maybe I should just apply to dental school instead... (another obscure reference no one will understand, look I'm an academic already!)
  11. Brothers and Sisters, comrades and friends (if you get this reference, congratulations), I'm applying to PhD PS programs this upcoming fall and need a reality check. Here are my details: BA (2016, graduated early): Political Science and Economics w/ Public Policy from Private University in the T75 of USNews Rankings. Special Honors in PS. Also studied abroad briefly in the UK (one 4-credit political economy course, got an A for what that's worth...). GPA: 3.53 / Poli. Sci. GPA: 3.7 (had one bad semester that drags down my overall GPA. High school gf broke up with me...
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