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  1. since the goal is industry a project maybe better. Thesis helps if you plan to progress into a PhD (iff you continue on the topic and same advisor).
  2. Can the small state university allow you to continue into the PhD later? If so that wouldn't be bad if you like program, find an advisor. I n my understanding anywhere (in the US) the first 18 months or so, even 24 months are dedicated in lab-rotation, MS coursework. If you do an MS at any university then seek PhD, probably you'll end up doing the ground work which you already did.
  3. GaTech is insanely good for the CS. You can diversify your skill set on HPC, AI-ML, HCI or other side. Coursework is in line with industry standards, latest things projects and other aspects I believe.
  4. is the tri-I tied with the cornell (ithaca) or weil-cornell (NYC)?
  5. If you want to get into RnD why aim for a niche field of neuroscience tied to the pharma? Instead a more molecular level or biological pathway sort of research may be helpful too. If you stick with the first roadblock (neuro) then it may deter from reaching to the pharma. Don't know.
  6. It is OK about biochem, I personally don't think it is a negative as long as you did something good (projects, grade, learnings), hand-on experience. I would understand it if you scored poor and that is why switching fields. If you scored good then all the way that it is not where you see pursuing career. Either way I believe it is fine. Why go for second master BTW in the statistical program? Stats are tool to be used in social science biological sciences or other domains. You can learn on the fly stats and apply when and where needed.
  7. Dear all, I'm currently doing bioinformatics research in human genetics in a niche area (neuro-genetics). I have had a great opportunity to research on some threatening public-health topics with genomics as tool to address them. Now, I definitely come to a point where I enjoy doing what I'm doing, in and out intense amount of data cranking. It is all hunky-dory, however I'd like to progress my career for several reasons: a) I'd like to do something more b) I'm stuck in middle of the hierarchy with my current education degree c) circuitous immigration paperwork that adds more complexity to
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