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  1. For the Yale admits, I was told there would be a visit day March 28-29!
  2. Hey friends, I'm going to Yale's 'diversity recruitment weekend'. Anyone else attending?
  3. Hey! Super helpful! Thank you for taking the time to write out your process.
  4. LOL IT WAS ONE! Just got admitted to the Yale program! folks check your portal
  5. hey ya'll, when I log on to my yale portal its look all weird and empty/nothing comes up! Not sure if this is indicating an impending status change or just a glitch, anyone else have this going on?
  6. Would you mind sharing what changed in your application or tactic? I know a lot of people on here would be interested!
  7. thank you for the info! this at least helps me relax ( a little ) until end of next week. and same here! solidarity ❤️
  8. Does anyone have any Yale intel? I know I keep asking I'm just perplexed it's taken this long to hear anything and it's one of my top choices...
  9. hi friends. shook we've heard nothing from Yale. congrats to the Princeton acceptance!
  10. i know this happens in other disciplines at Berkeley. My partner is in the English PhD and they know some students who have half the amount of the stipend they were allocated. Seems to be common practice in some departments.
  11. oh lordddddd thanks for the update. mine was "eh" as well, less rigorous and specific than I had hoped and prepared for. fingers crossed for us both.
  12. For those w/ Yale interviews- How did they go? I think today is the last day they are interviewing so I am hoping we'll hear before the end of the week. My tummy keeps doing somersaults. Did they tell you anything during yours about when we'd hear back? I was too nervous to ask.
  13. This is a sweet and refreshing post. I've been going on walks and runs to clear my hear when feeling the weight of the disappointment. I think, realistically, it's very difficult for these programs to choose from among so many incredible applicants. There is no shame in re-applying with a broader net if you don't get into a suitable program as, in the US, we're lucky to have so many great options. I'm currently in a Masters program so I know if I re-apply next year I will have my dissertation for a writing sample and recs from my supervisor, which will hopefully change the game if I find myself needing to go through this process again. I think rejection is part of the life of an academic, and rolling with the punches is an important thing to do. For my fellow applicants who have been rejected so far, I've reminded myself that another year out means another year to improve your application and explore the field/your own interests. Sometimes things take patience, and a PhD/life in academia is a marathon, not a sprint. Lots of hugs, though. I know this is hard.
  14. WOW!!! Big congrats @jriveracal what time did u get the call?? wondering if i should stay up w/ worry or just sleep
  15. Hi!! I just got an email from Yale asking me for an interview and nearly died of a heart attack. Does anyone have advice on interviews that they've done? Really freaking out with excitement and nerves! They're a really great fit with my research.
  16. I literally cannot imagine that would be considered as a factor if they wanted you... graduate programs are far more about fit and academic potential to contribute to the field meaningfully than they are about where you went to undergraduate, no?
  17. HI ALL! huge congrats to all those who have successfully gotten in somewhere! Having a terrible time over here regretting not re-taking the GRE even though everywhere except UCLA that I applied hasn't released acceptances yet. Was hoping we'd hear from Berkeley yesterday but I guess not!
  18. Did anyone else get that email from Yale office of diversity and almost poop themselves? Can't tell if they sent this to all applicants or only those that are "diverse" (i'm latina).
  19. Hey! I'm an MPhil there now and I applied. They have a "committee meeting" tomorrow which will likely be a time where they make a lot of application decisions. I would check tomorrow evening/friday to see if there is a change in your app via the portal. The app stages are submitted- under consideration by department- graduate committee- board of graduate studies. If you get to the graduate studies phase, you're as good as in if you didn't lie on your application (it is largely a ticking boxes step). In my experience, the sociology department usually doesn't indicate if you've been passed from the department to the graduate committee, so you would likely go straight from under consideration by the department to the board of graduate studies. Who did you put as your supervisor/what are your research interests?
  20. Hi all, I really delayed participating in this board because I was worried I would jinx myself (lol). I'm currently getting my MPhil at Cambridge in Sociology and am interested in reproduction & migration. Shaking in my boots over the UCLA admits going out and keeping my fingers crossed. My biggest app weakness is my GRE scores so I'm hoping I don't just get tossed out based on those alone. Love & solidarity during this particularly painful waiting time!
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