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  1. Same here! Yale's faculty was a huge draw. I'm considering reapplying for Fall 2020.
  2. @aqua_sand I was rejected from Yale too. Good luck to everyone still awaiting word.
  3. Thanks @12307ctor Again, congratulations!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
  4. @12307ctor this is awesome news! Congratulations indeed! Did you apply to the combined American studies/African American studies or strictly American Studies?
  5. Just in case y'all didn't see this already. See below for a Yale timing update. 🙏🏽
  6. @magnegresswrites and @aqua_sand so sorry to hear about Harvard! This waiting is indeed horrendous. 😖 And yes! I'm hoping Yale comes on with it! I'm hoping for Friday 💕💕💕
  7. On another note: this waiting is so rough, I've had to increase mindfulness. Currently listening to nature sounds on repeat to calm me down. Also increasing social time, since it also helps keep my mind off the wait. 😊
  8. @HumanHeatSOC the conference looks good! Unfortunately I have a work conflict. I'll be in NOLA though for the aam (American Alliance of Museums) conference in May.
  9. I don't think we should conclude wait list or rejection from Yale. No one else has posted an acceptance. That one person seems to be an anomaly. I'm hoping for 2/22 to be a day of clarity.
  10. @kp_87 I hadn't considered a weekend notification! 😮
  11. Yes!! I'm hoping we hear from Yale next Friday too. And yes, let's hope for a nice, big class!! It's good to have company while I wait!
  12. Glad to read these updates! It's comforting to have a little bit more insight! I've learned from a Dean at Yale that their Recruitment/Admit overnight is March 24-25. But doesn't look like anyone has received word of admission yet.
  13. Hi y'all! I applied to the combined program in African American and American Studies at Yale. Based on past years, I'm really keeping an eye on February 15th. The wait is rougher than I imagined! Staying hopeful!!✨✨✨✨✨?✨✨✨✨✨
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