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  1. Now, I just need Yale and UPenn to release their decisions so I know if I'm Ivy material or not 😞 . This waiting is TORTURE and I want it to end lol.
  2. Just saw on a facebook that someone was accepted into Harvard's AfAm program.
  3. My interview experience was a bit weird so I'm expecting the worse. When I sent a follow-up email, my POIs kindly responded though. So maybe that's a good sign? They said it would take them 2-3 weeks for decisions to be released, but I doubt it will take that long if it is an acceptance.
  4. Yes, I was one of the two posts about an interview.
  5. Programs I applied to: History: Princeton (rejected), Duke (accepted), Johns Hopkins (accepted), NYU (waiting, but I think it's a rejection) Af Am: Yale (with American Studies), Harvard, UC Berkeley (accepted), UPenn (interview), Northwestern (rejected, which surprised me lol), UT Austin, and Indiana University, Bloomington (accepted)
  6. So, what I am gathering is that decisions are coming soon, but today wasn't the day?
  7. Thank you! also, I am assuming that UPenn rejected me because historically they called folks during the same week of the interview.
  8. I was just accepted into Indiana University, Bloomington's AAADS program (ultra safety). I don't know if anyone applied but I wanted to let folx know that those decisions went out. Also, I applied to Harvard's Af Am program. I am going to assume that I was not accepted because I did not receive a phone call, which has historically been their method of communication. Best to everyone.
  9. Hey I know I am super late to this forum, but I wanted to share some updates and information that I am aware of. I applied to AfAm/Africana Studies/American Studies and History Programs. I was accepted into UC Berkeley African American Studies program on Feb4th. Interviews took place on Jan 22nd and the Admit Weekend is March 17-18. I know that when I interviewed that it was a shortlist and when I scheduled it there were 20 available times to interview (assuming that there were more time slots available than finalists). I was also interviewed by UPenn on Monday 2/11. The email said that they were impressed by my application and that I had been moved to the third round of the admissions process. The interview was conducted by the 3 POIs I identified in my letter. They said decisions would come out within 2-3 weeks but I feel like it might be sooner. I was also rejected by Northwestern (2/13). I am still waiting on 4 more decisions for AfAm/Africana Studies Programs. Hope this helps.
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