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  1. I'm not sure about gifting them - it'd probably depend a lot on your relationship with them - but I definitely did email all of my references, and got some really wonderful responses as well! But if one had to, I suppose a good book would probably be the best gift to give them; you can't really go wrong with that if you really know what they're like. I'm certainly gifting one of my former Professors a book, and she's certainly someone I'd consider both, a mentor, and a friend.
  2. Got dinged by UCSD just now, but I got formally accepted to UW-Milwaukee last night - my first acceptance this cycle! Will be attending! Just waiting for info on funding right now, but I believe it would be more than sufficient. Thank you, everyone, for all your support out here, really! It meant a lot - and i'm so glad that you guys were here to keep me hanging in there!
  3. Thanks, buddy. I'm gonna try my best. And I hope you do too. At the point that I'm at right now, I doubt I'd feel any real "joy" from getting an acceptance - it'd probably just offer some relief, and that's it. But i'll take that over getting nothing at all.
  4. Thank you. Just really trying to shake all of this negativity off and get back up. This monologue by Schwarzenegger is the one thing that's keeping me going - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY1AXIGeMGg Venting here helped. I hate the results page for the anxiety it causes, but I'm glad that this forum has been as supportive and reflective as it has been, especially when people have disagreed with each other. I don't expect the rough days to end anytime soon, but I have some hope left for now.
  5. I'm on the verge of a breakdown right now, and I can't tell you guys how sick I am of trying. Last year, I applied to 6 places in the US (I'm an international student with an MA), and to 6 other places in my own country. I got rejected by all 12 of them in the end, despite being waitlisted at one US institution, and being interviewed by several domestic ones. This year, I've applied to 10 places (9-US, 1-EU) - and all I've gotten so far are about 6 rejection letters, with an implied 7th one on the way. It's only my safety schools that are yet to get back to me. What makes things worse is that I've been unemployed for two months, and none of the applications I've sent out for contractual positions seem to be working. People around me (friends, family) are constantly asking me what my "Plan B" is, and I have no answer for them, because I don't want to settle for anything lesser than a university-level academic career. I know that anything other than this would just make me feel very frustrated. I feel like I've let my references down. I feel like I'm burning stacks of money on applying time and time again (and international exchange rates don't help). And I've never had a worse case of impostor syndrome than I'm having right now. I've faced terrible depression and anxiety in the past, and it's taking everything I've got to not pick up a couple of bottles of alcohol, or start smoking again. To make things worse, I'm also sick right now (I've had a terrible case of food poisoning over the past two days), and I had an accident about three days ago that really messed up my car as well. Having to move back in with family has been limiting - and though I'm grateful for accommodating my parent has been, it's frustrating in its own way to be moving back in as a 28-year old. I feel like I'm getting nowhere. And I'm sorry if I sounded like I whined a lot - I didn't have any other space where I could vent and have people understand me. Pretty sure many of you are experiencing similar/worse situations. Hugs to those of you who are - I'm with you in solidarity.
  6. Has anyone been waitlisted at UCSD and been notified about it? I saw that a rejection went up on the boards today, but I haven't been notified of being rejected or waitlisted yet.
  7. I'm just guessing that Boston U. is out as an option for those of us who didn't get the group invite to that "admitted students" day. 😕
  8. Anyone waiting for USC's rejections - you might want to check your inboxes. I just got mine. 😕
  9. Word of the day: "Screed". Didn't come across that one on any GRE word list.
  10. Any UW-Milwaukee applicants in the house who might have an idea of when we'd be likely to hear back? 😕
  11. Yeah, waiting for Boston U and a few others I'm yet to hear from This really sucks.
  12. It's not just the cost of the TOEFL alone, but the cost of sending out additional score reports @ roughly about 20$ per report. They do let you send out four reports for free at the time when you're registering for the exam, but if you haven't specified them at that point, you'll have a lot more to pay later on. So if a school's asking for about 75$-125$ as application fees, you'd have to spend an additional 50$ (TOEFL+GRE score reports) to apply.
  13. Dropped a message to my POI at UCSD a few days back - and he hasn't responded to me yet. 😕 This comes in after having spent an hour with him on Skype a few months ago, where he offered to review my SOP As well. I'm hoping he replies soon - some clarity would be nice.
  14. Are you from India? I am - and in that +12.5 hour zone as well. Can totally relate to how many late night you must've had over the past 4-6 weeks.
  15. Thank you for articulating what many of us needed to hear, really.
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