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  1. Ah, thanks, I remember that now. I also wonder whether or not they were interviewed prior to receiving their acceptance.
  2. In the same boat, haven't heard anything yet. I'm curious to know what the acceptance notification said if it didn't stipulate whether the admit was funded...They mentioned they didn't know whether or not they had only been awarded a stipend. I'd expect CUNY to be upfront about that.
  3. It could be that people are reporting supplementary fellowships the department nominated them for not realizing they aren't part of the standard funding package?
  4. I haven't heard from them either. I was hoping to get some news from them this week, but maybe next week will be better.
  5. Is anyone who was waitlisted for funding at Rutgers planning on attending the campus visit day? Today I got an email about the itinerary and was wondering how many of us there are who are waiting on funding and how y'all are making the decision about whether to go or not.
  6. Sometimes you'll be explicitly told that you're on a waitlist and other times you won't be. A mentor told me that typically when a program has sent out acceptances and rejections, but your application status has not changed, it probably means you're on a waitlist and just haven't been told. So if you haven't heard anything it doesn't mean it's a rejection.
  7. It was such a small and innocuous comment that has now been given ten times more attention due to your complaining than it would have had you ignored it. Congratulations for celebrating in silence (even though you've now mentioned your own success MORE TIMES THAN THE PERSON YOU'RE COMPLAINING ABOUT). That other person was not you, and chose to make a comment about their acceptances. Not a big deal! Not getting accepted to your top programs sucks with OR WITHOUT people celebrating their acceptances. At least when people celebrate openly we can see some good news to counter our bad news.
  8. Nice! I'm very impatiently waiting on CUNY too. Good luck!
  9. If anyone ends up declining a Rutgers funded offer, would you be willing to post here letting us know that it's been declined? It might help some of us waiting to suss out where we are on the waitlist if we know when funding lines are coming available.
  10. Congratulations to you both for being accepted with funding! And thank you for the update
  11. I was put on the Rutgers funding waitlist. Anyone else in the same boat? I'm curious as to where I am on the list but am too worried to ask.
  12. Fingers crossed for us both. Hopefully we will hear sooner rather than later.
  13. Ah. I was told that basically everyone on the long list is a great fit for the program and meets the criteria for admission, but that they obviously will not all be funded. I assume funding decisions will come down to how snug a fit each person is, how many potential faculty they could work with, how stellar their research experience is, etc. Honestly I was surprised they asked us to skype before the list had been narrowed more, but I'll take what I can get at this point.
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