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  1. I am being waitlisted at three schools and waitlisted for funding for another one. They are all better than my available options. Finger crossed....
  2. Talked to the POI there, was told that they are close to getting the process finished. We just have to wait.
  3. Anyone hasn’t heard back from UT Austin?
  4. May you update us on here after you hear back from Northwestern please? I am also waiting for the decision.
  5. I emailed them last week and was told that “we do not have a set date of when decisions will be announced, our decisions are typically announced no later than the first week of March.”
  6. In the same boat here. Still waiting on Northwestern and UNC which obviously sent out offers already....
  7. You are probably one of the most competitive American politics applicants! You will certainly be great regardless of which program you choose to go!
  8. Big congrats! May you tell us where else did you get into? I am also an Americanist and I am being waitlisted at a few schools. So I figure I might be the back up plans for you guys in case you guys decline the offers!
  9. But I am an international applicant...
  10. Same here. I have heard nothing.
  11. Oh hey, I am pretty sure I know your friend! We are both from the Oregon coast!
  12. Is there anyone who's still waiting to hear back from UIUC? Acceptance have already released several weeks ago and rejections were sent several days before. I think it's likely that we have been waitlisted?!
  13. Thank you very much for your reply. Do you think that the top 15 programs would be too far of a reach for me mainly due to the GRE score? Maybe I wasn’t being clear enough. But I certainly am not applying to all do the top 25 programs. I think that “fit” matters a lot during the admission process. I have already started getting in touch with some professors and hopefully they would vouch for me later. thanks!
  14. Hello every one! It may be a little bit too early to begin talking about PhD application but I am pretty anxious and stressed about it already. I am an international applicant applying in the coming application cycle and my GRE score is for sure my biggest weakness. Profile: School: Top public R1 with top political science program Subfield: American (mainly on behavior, but also a little on institution, public opinion and political psychology) GRE: 155 V, 159 Q, AW (not yet received) GPA: 3.71 overall with distinction and 3.86 in political science with honors Letters of rec: 1 well-known prof who supervised my thesis and write good letters, 1 associate prof and 1 assistant prof (hopefully their letters would be good) Research experience: RA on political communication (specifically in American politics), RA on sociology (inequality) Other experience: One think tank internship where I had two nonacademic publications, one government internship (research on social policy), one NGO internship (policy research) and two other internships in NGOs Probably it doesn't matter much, but I am also a "half" student athlete who have represented the school and won some awards from regional and national tournaments. My target is to get into any of the top 25 programs but I am very concern about my below-average-GRE score, especially the verbal part, even though I am an international applicant. However, due to some time conflicts, I will not be able to retake my GRE again. Do you think that I would be competitive enough for the top 25 programs? Does anyone know how competitive is the Stanford GSB PhD program compared to Stanford's political science program? Thanks a lot!
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