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  1. Is anyone here not accepting their UVA NGP offer? Im losing patience on the waitlist
  2. I haven't heard anything since the interview and it doesn't seem like anybody has, although I could be wrong on that.
  3. Has anyone who interviewed with Georgetown IPN heard back yet?
  4. I believe Emory has. Their email indicated they already extended interview invitations to 53 students.
  5. Has anybody else heard from Vanderbilt NGP or Georgetown IPN? I would hate to respond to a different interview before hearing from them, but I don't want to give up great opportunities to interview if I'm not accepted. I haven't really seen anything on the results page, but both programs were out before the holidays last year.
  6. Does anyone have experience with asking for a different interview weekend? I have a conflict (Duke and NIH-brown gpp) and I would ideally love to go to both interviews, but they both only offer one weekend as of now. Any tips??
  7. Also heard from Brown this morning. Does an invite to the NGP mean you won't be invited to interview for the NIH-GPP as well?
  8. Do you know if all divisions of DBBS sent out invitations at the same time?
  9. I'm seeing a lot from WUSTL DBBS, but it looks like a bunch of different divisions. Has anyone heard from their neuroscience division yet or know if they send them all out separately?
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