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  1. I have not been unemployed long term, but I have been underemployed since graduating with my B.A. seven years ago. I try to address it realistically but positively. Even when I'm not asked, I will address it. For instance, when an interviewer comments on my "interesting" job history- and they do, because I have had a couple of jobs unrelated to my degree- I will say that my resume is a combination of the challenging job market/tough economy and my particular interests. Despite the underemployment, I have kept busy with school, part-time jobs, and research projects, and I focus on how I have co
  2. There are cases in which you need the specific degree. For instance, with my MA in Liberal Studies, I would be qualified to teach English, but not History, at the nearest community college. I would recommend (as has been recommended to me) calling the particular community college(s) you are interested in teaching at to ask, or looking at their job postings.
  3. These are great replies- it's very interesting to see how people's decisions are determined. I'm considering Spanish as my first, partly because I have already studied some Spanish, and partly because in recent years there has been a move to study science fiction by authors from Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Spain. That might be done and gone, though. I'm not sure. I think that if I could study any language at all, just because, it would be an Aramaic language. I think that would be fascinating. I don't think that's likely to be practical, though, and I don't know what my second
  4. I've heard that peer reviewed journals are the best option for publishing. I've also heard conflicting information about publishing: one, that it is best to diversify, and two, that it is best to try to become published in forums in which others who specialize in similar interests will notice your work. That said, how does a specialized anthology edited by an academic who specializes in interests similar to yours hold up to a peer reviewed journal?
  5. How did you choose which language(s) to study for your PhD? Or, how will you choose? Also, if you had no constrictions on availability and/or practicality, which language(s) would you choose? Which language or languages do you feel are most relevant to your particular interests, and why?
  6. I have also narrowed down my programs. I am applying much, much more widely than I have in the past, as I have decided that earning a PhD is definitely what I want to do. Therefore, I will relocate if necessary, and I am looking a bit more closely at fit. I'm finishing my M.A. in the next year at my alma mater, so that's a done deal, but I am working to strengthen my application by submitting to conferences, working in research assistant positions, etc. Louisiana State University University of Kansas University of British Columbia Vancouver University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  7. Wow. You heard back for one of them already? I submitted one proposal. I hope to hear soon.
  8. Hi, I am in a similar situation, too. I am attending the same institution where I did my undergrad and began my M.A. 2 + years ago, because I didn't receive a funded offer. I may get funding off the waitlist, but I highly doubt it. It has taken me so long to get my M.A. because of lack of funding; most scholarship opportunities are only for students who have completed almost half of the credits required for the degree. I also have two young children. Something I began doing was scouring my school for funding opportunities. In the fall, I will be doing a work study, and I will proba
  9. Okay.. so, obviously, other people are frustrated, and anxious, too. But has anyone else had a similar experience of not getting responses from the DGS/Chairperson/Associate Chairperson? I was encouraged to contact this person, and yet, have received no response whatsoever after two e-mails. I hate that I most likely am not going to get any offer of funding, and if I do, I will have to decide the same day I find out. I also hate the idea of applying again, even though there is a small part of me that would like to expand my applications.
  10. I raised my score by six points, I think - 161 to 167. My Analytical Writing score went from a 5.0 to a 5.5. There was a period of three years between the two tests, and honestly, I didn't study at all for the second one. I did, however, follow advice I had seen on various forums. For instance, in the AW section, I included as much supporting detail as possible. I tried for at least two examples or pieces of evidence for each body paragraph. I agree with ArizonaState21; reading a lot is probably the best thing you can do to increase your Verbal score. I was reading much more in the years b
  11. I am on a waitlist for funding. This is so frustrating. Would you say it's a bad sign if you can't get any sort of communication from the associate chairperson for grad studies, and not for lack of trying?
  12. Anzaldúa, Gloria. “La Conciencia de la Mestiza: Towards a New Consciousness.” The Woman That I Am: The Literature and Culture of Contemporary Women of Color. Ed. Madison, D. Soyini. New York: St. Martin’s Griffin, 1997. 560-72. Print. Lorde, Audre. “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House.” 1979. Sister Outsider. New York: The Crossing Press, 1984. Print. Smith, Andrea. “Native American Feminism, Sovereignty, and Social Change.” Feminist Studies. 31.1 (Spring 2005): 116-132. Print. Also, I would recommend This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of
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