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  1. Thanks everyone! Rachelann, the library is a good idea; I was able to go to the local university and get a visitor library card to check out books. I can use the databases while there. The only downside is that I have 5 young kids, so it's hard to go and work there (and probably cheaper to buy access to the databases than pay for a babysitter ). Proflorax, that's a good idea, and Shortstack, you're right: I think I always got to the MLA international bibliography from EBSCO. I am finding JSTOR rather confusing to subscribe to...arg! You'd think they'd somehow make it easier for people to
  2. Hello everyone, I no longer have access to jstor/mla . . . through the school at which I received my masters, but I have conference proposals to write, papers to tweak, and grant applications to do this year while I'm reapplying to PHD programs. Does anyone know how I go about getting access to the databases to get scholarly articles? I'm most interested in jstor and mla--I think that there may be a way to buy access? Any info would be appreciated. I wonder if there is an affordable way to get access to more than one database. Thanks!
  3. Mine was 18 hours, 3 of which had to be some kind of project or independent study.
  4. Writer, sorry my tablet corrected the spelling of your name. I did it while I got my masters. I made some great faculty connections, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope you can figure out the funding.
  5. Writer Tiger, I have one. I am glad I did it; I learned a ton, and I use a lot of the information in all of my research.
  6. I'm right there with you. I am limited to 3 schools. This year I got a wait list and two unfunded acceptances. My wait list is my dream school. Proflorax, the DGS at my dream school told me to let her know if I visited this fall. Do you know if and how to go about this (is it generally a good idea to visit . . .). I am two hours from the school, so I just can't pop in. I'm feeling pretty down, but I think that timing will work out the best for my family if I don't start until Fall 2015. Also, I wanted to see what you guys thought about changing my research goals a bit. Is this looked d
  7. Thanks again, Proflorax. I am in a rather unique situation in that I am unable to move, so I have a very limited number of options within commuting distance. Luckily, these programs are excellent fits for my research interests. I am waitlisted at my dream program, and I have been accepted to the other programs without funding at this point. These acceptances allow deferrals but stipulate you must reapply for financial aid. I am just trying to figure out the best course of action since I may need to wait until 2015. I would like to reapply to my dream school (the one I am currently waitlis
  8. Thanks, Proflorax! It is an extenuating circumstance, and I am on the wait list for funding (in addition, the information about deferral from the program indicates that financial aid can not be deferred but must be reapplied for each year). I am just worried about committing to the program and then not receiving funding for 2015--that would make it impossible for me.
  9. I am curious about the protocol for deferring admission to a PHD program. If it is allowed, and you do defer, can you still apply to other programs as well for the next cycle or are you committing to that school. Thanks in advance for any info on the proper etiquette here.
  10. Proflorax, your gifs always make me smile (I can never upvote anyone from my tablet, though )!
  11. I definitely don't think so. I received one A- during my MA, and, all things considered, I had a pretty good app season. I was only able to apply to 3 programs due to kids, spouse, and geography, but I had good results in both top tier programs and lower tier ones. I think that your sop and your ws are a trillion times more important to your app. Although, I do understand how frustrating that one A- can be!!! GL!
  12. I second, PsyD Girl. I'm a mom to 5 young children, and I find school vastly easier than being a mom. While my sleep has suffered, I almost feel like it was easier working on my MA as a mom than it was working on my BA before kids because I was forced to use every spare minute so I could never procrastinate. I was still able to be on school boards, the PTO, and be room mother, so it is completely doable if you want it. I actually enjoy school as an opportunity to get some adult conversation .
  13. Kamisha, I just start typing. I don't worry about it being exactly what I want to say or it being well worded. After I get a page or so of this down, I form a brief outline, and then I go back and start shaping what I've written. Good luck! I hate it when I have trouble crafting what I want to say.
  14. Thanks for all of the responses. I'm hoping this thread will get busier and busier as we near April 15th. Good luck to all of those on wait lists.
  15. Hi all, I was wondering if we could start a thread where we let each other know when we decline offers. This way, those in wait list limbo get a little bit of hope! Congrats to all who have received offers!!!!
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