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  1. Raber at Ole Miss is a pioneer in the field, and the department is very big on Southern lit. ETA: Michigan State is huge on animal studies (they're the only program I've seen with a grad certificate in animal studies). If I'm remembering correctly, ecocriticism is also pretty big there.
  2. I've had incredibly positive experiences with my grad coordinator. Have you contacted yours to see if he or she would be willing to vouch for you before the semester starts?
  3. If you use a website like apartmentguide.com or apartments.com there are tons of complexes listed. Most, if not all, of them are on the OUT (local bus that serves campus) and they typically say how close they are to various shops and restaurants. You can also look on Google maps of the area; they show complexes on the map and their proximity to campus. Because I haven't yet moved to Oxford either, I don't know where the bus stops, but here's the city bus site: http://www.oxfordms.net/visitors/transit/bus-routes-a-schedules.html. So, if the apartment complex is on the bus route you should be able to go anywhere else the bus stops. Additionally, the UM housing website lists on-campus housing for grad students here: http://studenthousing.olemiss.edu/communities/. The site includes information on nearby off-campus housing as well. Also, it looks like the UM is looking for graduate student community directors if that is something you would be interested in: http://studenthousing.olemiss.edu/graduate-student-positions/. Good luck with your housing search!
  4. Thanks for the correction, Academicat. I'm coming with a car, so I hadn't done tons of research into public transportation.
  5. Is that rule specific to international students? As far as I knew, the on campus rule only applies to incoming freshman (there's not enough housing to support the entire student body). There are several off campus apartment complexes, most (if not all) are in walking distance or on the bus line. Campus Creek is one, but as I mentioned there are many (search apartment Oxford in Google and tons will come up). That being said, I'm not sure how easy it will be to avoid undergrads looking for off campus housing nearby; every complex I looked at had a section for parents, so I get the feeling there's heavy UG saturation. I believe there's a bus stop on/near campus, which most certainly would go to Memphis (it's about an hour away). Of course, if any current Oxford residents have information that contradicts this please chime in! I can only report what I know from my very brief visit and the research I've done.
  6. I'm thinking it will be a few months, but month to month would be ideal for flexibility purposes. I actually started with the housing website. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to have much (maybe it's off cycle, as I assume most UGs have locked down housing at this point).
  7. bbdd2: I was only there for a few days, but everyone seemed very welcoming and friendly. I'd definitely recommend living within walking distance of campus/the Square or on the campus bus line if you won't have a car. I'm also coming to Oxford! Does anyone have recommendations for short term rentals that allow dogs? My fiance and I would like to get a sense of the area/actually look at places before comitting to anything long-term. We're hoping we can move down sometime in July.
  8. Thanks so much everyone for the kind words, and congratulations to the recent acceptees! So much excitement at the deadline!
  9. Congrats to everyone!!!!!!!!! I know it's small potatoes compared to everyone on here, but... Mississippi came through with a fantastic supplemental fellowship, so I have officially accepted their offer.
  10. Good luck, TOC! There's been a lot of movement in the past few days, it seems, so try not to be discouraged yet.
  11. Awesome, Wyatts Torch!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!
  12. Thanks, Ashley, but I haven't heard. Were you WRAC, though? I'm English.
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