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  1. I'm currently a graduate student at UK. Lexington is a great city with a small town feel. Tons to do, great food scene, and phenomenal hiking at the Gorge. I'm from a tiny town and Lexington was a bit of an adjustment at first, but I love living here. Conference funding is competitive, but they do try to spread the money around. I got a travel grant last semester, and I am not anywhere close to abd. Some of the abd students have also been awarded money for archival research. So there are some opportunities, but not as great as at other programs. And if you have a 2/2 teaching load (I thi
  2. Michigan State University has the largest public comics collection and they host the Comics Forum every year. Gary Hoppenstand and Ann Larabee are two of the faculty who teach classes on comics there.
  3. I just found out that I was accepted to the PhD program, but I am waitlisted for funding. Is anyone going to the visiting day on the 18th?
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