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  1. Though I was lucky enough to get a few acceptances, I turned them down and decided to do a second MA in England next year. It’s a one-year program, so I’ll also be reapplying in the Fall Hello, cohort friends. We shall battle the 2015 season together.
  2. I wish I could help you out, but I have no clue! It might be wise to contact potential PhD programs that you’re interested in and see if that’s a program that they’d regard as a high qualification. Perhaps an even better option would be to contact the university, itself, and ask where it normally places students who complete their Masters.
  3. Haha you and I are in the same boat. I’m frantically trying to finish my Master’s thesis while trying to avoid checking my email to see if I’m in off a waitlist. It’s driving me crazy.
  4. UK Master’s are looked upon fondly by research institutions/top schools in the US. This is partially because they are, as has been stated, programs that emphasize a research component, but any sort of “study abroad” experience is highly valued because it shows that you make a conscious effort to culture yourself. When I did my first Master’s in English (which I’m currently finishing), I applied to a bunch of UK schools, was admitted, but couldn’t go because of funding. This time around, though, I’m likely doing a second MA in Film Studies from a UK university and was able to get a good chu
  5. If you have an offer and are planning on turning them down, please do so ASAP!
  6. Waitlisted at Florida State (for English)! If you are going to back out, please do so soon :)

  7. Just found out that I’ve been wait-listed at Florida State! I don’t know if that will change my decision, but since it’s my mentor’s Alma Matter, at least I don’t have to put my tail between my legs in shame anymore.
  8. Not April Foolsing here...Today, April 1st, is my birthday. Do you know how I’m spending it? Pulling an all-nighter to finish writing a chapter of my thesis, attending a meeting to help organize an undergrad English symposium, teaching a class, and then immediately settling down to edit another chapter of my thesis. Grad school sucks. Haha. I want cake.
  9. Irvine has a super strong Crit Theory program. Check them out for sure
  10. Turning down a fully-funded PhD offer from Baylor. Hope that helps someone out!
  11. Officially accepted my offer from the University of East Anglia! As hard as it was to turn down my couple of PhD offers, I think having a second MA in Film Studies (which I can complete in 8-10 months) from an internationally ranked program is going to open up a lot of options for programs that I hadn’t previously considered. Also, now that I know where I went wrong with this years’ applications, I’m optimistic that I’ll get into PhD programs that I’m more enthusiastic about next year. Woohoo!
  12. According to Heidi Hackel and the office assistant (whose name I can’t remember), all offers and waitlist offers for Riverside have been extended. There have been delays in the grad school office itself in sending out rejections. Dr. Hackel specifically said that the backlog of rejections may take weeks to get out. Sorry!
  13. No words necessary, my friend. Jessie Spano says it all. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That’s so absolutely wonderful.
  14. You know what’s not cool? Getting a personalized notification that you’re on a waitlist from an optimistic faculty member....and then officially being rejected less than four hours later.

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    2. Kamisha


      Thanks guys :) PhDerp, the rejection email was from the same faculty member.

    3. Nyctophile


      YEARRRGH!!HULK SMASH!!! but really...i can't believe that bs.

    4. PhDerp


      Oh my goodness. At least they respected you enough to tell you as soon as they could, by the sound of it. Hang in there!

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