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  1. each school's requirement for the GRE gen and/or subject test, whether there was a separate deadline (or extra materials) for financial aid/fellowship stuff, if there were any supplementary statements that the school wanted (diversity, history of economic hardship in the family, first gen college attendee, any other criteria that are applicable to some available fellowships). I also put in a few notes for each POI after I did some reading on their CV, publications, and CURRENT research interests (sometimes the faculty pages maintained by the university aren't updated frequently).
  2. I'm sure not the only one. There were a good 15 people at the visit day I attended. You are going to be so happy with the kind faculty, the delicious weather, and the beautiful location!
  3. When I read the topic title I busted up...it only got better when I read the post. As for your dilemma, from what I hear this is standard practice. Thankfully I scanned the posts before I finished this so yeah, what zabka and davidipse said!
  4. Nope, I never did. I actually just went back through my sent email to double check that the message actually got sent. I sent one to the provost, the dept. chair, AND that POI and not one has replied. I just want to know I didn't inadvertently insult any one...
  5. LOL!! I went with Cornell. Princeton was a complete out of the blue, totally unexpected thing that happened over the weekend. We'll have to have a "meet-in-the-middle" lunch for everyone off the impostor thread next year.
  6. All done!! Woo-hoo Decision Day!!! :)

  7. Just declined Princeton, I'm glad someone on the waitlist will get to attend the school of their dreams!
  8. Hi zabka, I actually didn't ask for one. I've had plenty of time to consider Cornell (although not in comparison to Princeton) so I didn't feel justified in asking for an extension.
  9. That is very true and I would want to do more teaching than the one year BUT since it's not a requirement I feel like that would allow me greater flexibility in choosing when and how much to teach. Ack! one more thing to consider!
  10. Yep, just a bit ago...it didn't seem at face value to be better than my other offer. then I spoke to a current grad student on the phone and he said that though it says five years in a combination of teaching and fellowship, in reality I'll only be required to teach one year and the rest are fellowship. I'll need to confirm with the DGS but damn...that is a LOT of research time! the biggest draw of the other program is the people, both the professors and the grad students. now I'm trying to decide between following the money or joining my people.
  11. Mostly just that they might think you aren't as committed or serious about their school, which might as you said, sour the relationship a little. It mostly depends on the person that you're talking to anyway, some might take it as a personal affront while someone else is going to understand how stressful and overwhelming this all is and that it is an intensely personal and important decision to make. I'm pretty sure the DGS at X is of the latter category, he's been pretty amazing whenever I've needed something so far.
  12. I just spoke to my advisor about this today. He said that it's a little risky but if the reason you're asking is a good one it could be worth it. I think it also depends on the relationship you have with the school you want to ask for an extension, if you've had a lot of contact and/or interest I think they might take it better than a place where you've barely spoken to anyone. I might need to ask for extra time too so this is definitely something that's on my mind.
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