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  1. I haven't been on this place since last year when I was applying. I just want to drop by and say I hope you all get into where you want to attend. I remember how horrible this waiting period was for me. I wouldn't want to go through it again. So best wishes to you all and good luck!
  2. Oh!! I was accepted here back in 2013! I passed, though, because of the lack of funding for MA programs at state schools and applied to PhD programs instead. Do you know Bill Mohr? That guy was so nice, basically held my hand and helped me through everything when I was checking out the school. Ay, sometimes I wish I would have taken the acceptance. Gosh, what I wouldn't give to have stayed in California, especially with the beach just minutes away.
  3. Screw it. Im just shaving my head.
  4. That is alright. Everyone knows the skins taste like shit! Aint missing nothing.
  5. Ive heard 3.5 is the "bare minimum," that if you have anything below that then it is exceedingly difficult to make it, even at mid and lower-tier programs. Im willing to bet that top 10's are sticklers for higher gpa's. A person at Standford told me the average applicant gpa is 3.8. But of course, that shit aint written in stone, and there are exceptions to everything. Case in point, moi! Supposedly, the average gre subject exam score of students admitted into my program is the 70th percentile. I scored in the 18th percentile, and not only did I get in, I got a pretty bad ass fellowship as wel
  6. Im allergic to strawberries. My throat swells closed and I come close to death.
  7. Smh. NBA PLAYOFFS! 5 game 7's!!! SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKA! *spinarooni*
  8. Honestly, I think you did the wrong thing. You have to think about yourself and yourself alone. Screw ethics. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity in which you will be grounded in a new culture, city, and program for 7 years. If you think youd be happier and more successful at another place, well then, go there. I would have. But it's too late now, so just hope it all works out at where you decided to attend.
  9. Oooo yes lol! We can form our own society! Though at that point im sure id be freaking like crazy, thinking what the hell did i just get myself into lol.
  10. HELL YEA! Santa Barbara!! I wanted so badly to get in there but i wasnt cut of their cloth. Congrats man! That is one bitchin school and program!! I must admit...im a little jealous haha!
  11. Argh, Cornell!! Congrats, you freakin smarty pants!!!!
  12. Here is to UDub, who has still failed to notify me of ANY decision, despite the fact it is now April 15th. Bunch of unprofessional jokers. Sure glad I didnt end up there with those looney tunes.
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