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  1. Received acceptance from Michigan State couple of weeks ago. Another acceptance from UMass Amherst today. Funding info forthcoming for both.
  2. Boise State University. I go there and it's amazing!
  3. Hey y'all! My visa interview went smoothly. Its approved. Just wanted to share the happy nees with everyone here!
  4. Hey guys! My visa is approved! I will be heading to Boise this July! So excited, wanted to share the news with y'all.
  5. Yes, I think 2 months should be enough. After the International office got in touch with me, it took them just 1 week to send me the I20.
  6. Finally scheduled my Visa interview. Its on 30th May. Just 22 more days of uncertainty!!!
  7. I was accepted on March 17th and the International office got in touch with me immediately. After I submitted my financial information, my I20 was sent to me in a week's time.
  8. Fuzzy, Thanks a lot! I am quite relieved to hear your answer. This is exactly what I was looking for, to hear from someone who had applied for F1 visa. My school replied immediately and said that its highly unlikely that the officer would demand proof for 2nd year funding. The officer might however ask me about a back-up plan. If its purely based on individual cases, I have nothing to worry about. I was just worried that it might be an absolute requirement. I am glad that I do not have to put my Visa application process on hold to arrange for funds.
  9. Yes, I will be able to re apply for Visa with proof of more funding. But if I knew for sure whether or not the 2nd year funding proof is a requirement, I could arrange for the funds and then apply. Somehow, I am uncomfortable with the idea of getting rejected the first time. But as you had mentioned, I think there is no way of knowing what the Visa officer would expect. I have heard a lot of people saying that it depends on individual cases. So I think I will have to apply and see. I have written to the university regarding this question. Hopefully, I get a positive response. Thank you f
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