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  1. Received word from Indiana via email! I've finally received all the news for this application season, and I am still immensely excited at my choice!
  2. For anyone waiting on Boston College, I just heard today. I removed my name from the waitlist, but they should be notifying all remaining waitlist candidates of your status by April 20. I also received an official rejection from North Carolina - Chapel Hill, so if you were waiting on final notification for that program, you might check your email. Still no word from Indiana, but I'll post when/if I know more for those who are waiting!
  3. As a Victorianist/19th century Americanist, I'll say that the languages which have most often been recommended have been French and German. I agree with what others have already said about possible connections with these languages, but here's another suggestion: Speak with your potential committee members/DGS first. Some departments are more stringent about this requirement in that you have to create a thorough discussion of why you have chosen to pursue a particular language and justify its connection to your particular field of interest. Other departments are not as strict, and so they only emphasize that requirement for those who either 1) feel as though they will need to study primary sources or research in that other language or 2) have a sincere interest in learning the other language for their benefit. If your department is like the latter, and if you could learn another language but do not feel as though it is necessary to your academic pursuits, then you might go with a language with which you already have partial fluency. This will allow you to focus instead on your other research instead of spending as much time learning a new language or taking coursework. So, for example, I have been considering learning French as my language (I only have basic training from high school). However, I have undergraduate training in Japanese, and although it has no connection to either of my fields, I not only feel as though it's likely that I'll expand my research into world literature eventually, but I am more likely to personally use the language (personal connections, travel, etc.). So, my plan is to explain my situation to the DGS and my committee, ask for their recommendations, and see if I can use Japanese as my language. It's not taking the easy way out or trying to avoid the work (especially since I'm willing to learn French if that's what they recommend), but I'm really considering my academic goals and how useful either language would be to me long-term. But, if you really think learning French or another language will be beneficial to your research in that you'll be doing some translations and need a working knowledge, then go for it! Again, I think the primary reason why this is still a requirement is because having that ability to work with primary documents in the original language is so pivotal in many different arenas and fields, but you also have to be realistic about your goals. Best of luck!!
  4. I have officially accepted OSU's offer! I am immensely excited! This also means I declined offers from Auburn University, the University of Georgia, the University of South Carolina, the University of Delaware, and the University of Florida. I do hope that this helps anyone on those waitlists; they are all stellar programs, and it was an unbelievably difficult decision. Good luck to anyone still waiting on results/waitlists and for those still making decisions. Stay strong!
  5. Ah! My apologies. Do you have any schools that you're looking to accept which follow the April 15 deadline? If so, that could be an explanation as to why you would need the information sooner. If the graduate assistant is the person who's the primary contact during this process, then perhaps they don't have a ranked waitlist. If they don't have a ranked waitlist, then it would be more difficult for him or anyone else in the department to give you a clearer idea. My best advice would be to just wait it out, then, but only if you don't have any schools on your list that you're really interested in which follow the April 15 deadline. If you do have schools with that deadline that you would accept pending the waitlist doesn't convert, then you should probably go forward with making contact. You don't want to miss an opportunity to attend a program if you're waiting on a non-guaranteed option. Sorry for all the confusion of my earlier response!
  6. Email/Call the DGS. I hope that grad student didn't mean end of April - it's a bit late if that's when they're hoping to get responses out, especially if you have schools who have the deadline of April 15. You can explain that you'd like to know your chances since they are one of your top choices. Likely, if it's an unranked list, the best they'll be able to tell you is to wait until April 15. If you have to wait until the 15th, then you may have to make a difficult decision to accept your guaranteed offer before hearing back. Sometimes you can ask for a decision deadline extension from a program, but not always.
  7. I just wanted to second what @Old Bill said. Really, a lovely visit. For those unable to make it to the visit or who are on the waiting list, feel free to PM me. I don't mind gushing about the experience, and especially if you're a 19th century person, hit me up.
  8. Actually, I'm also waiting on UNC and UMD. We should be hearing from UMD next week, and they're still working through how far down the waitlist they need to go at UNC before sending out rejections. Just what I've heard! Edit to add that Indiana-Bloomington is also in the same boat as UNC.
  9. I'm not sure if someone already asked you this, but how is Nebraska asking you for a decision that early? Also, congrats! I know it makes things more complicated, but excellent news regardless!
  10. Ooo. . . that is a nice color! *adds to shopping cart* We'll have to compare FP notes!
  11. Gah, I hate the favorite question! I just love all my pens and inks for different reasons, so I hate to say I can't answer your question. But, as of right now, I'm currently grading with a Pilot VP inked with Diamine Merlot, a Platinum 3776 Bourgogne inked with Iroshizuku Ino-Ha, and a Sheaffer 100 with Lamy Turquoise. My husband and I both collect and restore, so we've always got various pens on us. I haven't gone into the Visconti line yet! (I've been scared to, honestly, because I'm afraid I'll like their pens too much and want more expensive models...). What J. Herbin ink are you using? I love using the Bleu Ocean with my juicy nibs, but the gold flakes are a pain to clean out of some feeds.
  12. And, I love this topic. I'm a fountain pen user in all things (grading, note-taking, journaling, etc.). When it comes to taking notes on texts, I can't bring myself to write in books. But, I will print off an article and annotate the heck out of it. Other than that, I take notes in journals as I read, and I'm one of those weirdos who takes almost verbatim notes in class - I write very fast (and not at all legibly by anyone but me). I'm also looking forward to the summer when I can tap back into Scrivener. I started using it a bit last semester, and it's been so great for plotting out and composing larger writing projects. I highly recommend it (and you can try it out for free).
  13. It looks like the results page may be back up and running! It would be great for anyone who received results today to post them! So happy for those who received good news today!
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