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  1. Hi. Just wandering if there were financial repercussions etc. for leaving after the first second or third year for example ? Cheers.
  2. Thank you both so much Forbes these informative replies. They sound like great methodologies to use which I wouldn't have thought of myself. I really appreciate your help. I am an international student and don't entirely understands the difference between adjunct/tenure track/visiting professor. Could you clarify?
  3. How do I judge whether a program has good placement rates? Sometimes they only seem to list like 6 students, did that mean there were many other similar who didn't make it? Should I being looking to see I they went to prestigious unis? thanks all.
  4. They do have a point that GC can be anxiety-inducing. But I've also found people to be wonderfully supportive. Also the board has helped prepare me for inevitable rejections. So basically they can get off their yale high horse.
  5. So am I right in thinking its a holiday in the states today? So no acceptances?
  6. sitting on no offers, thinking I'm heading towards all rejections so the above posts really resonate with me. I've enforced periods where I ban myself from grad cafe because it amplifies my sense of pessimism. And yet here I find myself again.
  7. Congrats to the interviewees. Feeling a spiral of negative thoughts and terrible about my entire app now I didn't get one. Melodramatic I know. I have a very fragile ego.
  8. seven. I would be curious to hear people's answers to this. I've to 5/7 so far ughgggggggggggggggggggggggggg
  9. Does anyone know if international applicants usually require the same funding as american ones?
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